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Quarter to Semester Conversion Guide


With the start of the Fall, 2005 term College of DuPage will switch from a quarter to semester system. All the transfer guides will contain both quarter and semester course articulation information to assist students and faculty advisors during this transition phase. Quarter term classes have three digit course numbers, while semester course have Bolded four digit course numbers: For example, ENGLI 101 is a quarter course and ENGLI 1101 is a semester course. In the transfer guides, articulation tables will show a number of course articulation arrangements, for example:

Speec 100, 1100
In the above case the Speech 100 course or 1100 can be used to meet a requirement.
Engli 102 + 103, 1102
In above case, English 102 plus 103 or English 1102 can be used to meet the requirement.
Math 115, 1115 and 116 and 117, 1116
This case describes two situations: 1.) Math 115 equals 1115 and Math 116 + 117 equals 1116
2.) Math 115 + 116 + 117 equals Math 1115 + 1116

The transfer guides are a valuable tool to assist students and faculty advisors with the transfer process. Given the complex nature of the articulation process should you have any questions regarding course equivalencies contact the College Articulation Office at 630/942.2500.


Transfer Information

There is transfer information covering a wide variety of topics in the "General Transfer Information" section of the Advising Handbook. The handbook is located in Counseling and Advising Service (SRC-2044) and may be useful to students.

The Northwood Lisle Program Center offers an accelerated degree completion program for highly motivated adults with 3-5 years work experience.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 36 quarter-hours of coursework at Northwood. In addition to accelerated classes, students may select independent study and /or online course to satisfy this requirement.

Northwood University offers three Bachelor of Business Administration programs at the Lisle, Illinois Program Center: 1) Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in management, 2) Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in management and a minor in international business, and 3) Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in management and a minor in marketing.

Northwood University in cooperation with COD has developed 2+2 and 3+1 options based on coursework applicable to the Northwood degree. The 2+2 option enables students who have earned an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Applied Science degree to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in an accelerated format at Northwood. The 3+1 option enable students who have earned an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Applied Science degree to complete an equivalent third year of courses at COD and complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in an accelerated format at Northwood. Information concerning these programs can be found in Counseling, Transfer and Advising Services (IC-2010) and the College and Career Information Center (CICC) in the LRC at COD.

Students with substantial professional backgrounds may choose to prepare and submit portfolios showing competencies gained from work life learning.

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The following are comparable COD course that may count toward the Northwood degree:

Accounting 151, 152, 153, 1140, 1150

Biology 110, 1110

Business  211, 2211

Computer Information Systems 100, 1150

Economics 201, 202, 220,  2201, 2202, 2220

History 2235, or 257 (Histo 257 if completed before the Fall, 2005 term)  

Management 210, 225, 240, 2210, 2250, 2260

Marketing 210, 250, 260, 2210, 2250, 2260

Mathematics 135, 1635

Philosophy 114, 1114

Sociology 210, 2210

For further information about any of the degree programs at Northwood University, call (630) 964-6200


For Students with an Associate of Applied Science Degree

Graphics Arts Technology



Total Associate Degree Semester Hours     64

Equivalent Quarter Hours                             96


Northwood Course Requirements                                                    COD Equivalent

ACC 221 Principles of Accounting I                                      4          Accounting 1140

ACC 222Principles of Accounting II                                     4          Accounting 1140

ACC 223 Principles of Accounting III                                  4          Accounting 1150  

LAW 201 Business Law                                                        4          Business Law 2211

MKT 208 Principles of Marketing                                       4          Marketing 2210

ECN 221 Principles of Microeconomics                               4          Economics 2201        

ECN 222 Principles of Macroeconomics                              4          Economics 2202  

MGT 310 Human Resource Management                          4          Management 2240

MGT 312 Applied Management                                           4         Management 1161

NSC 401 Environmental Science                                          4          Biology 1110  

MGT 230 Principles of Management                                   4          Management 2210

PHL 301 Ethics                                                                      4          Philosophy 1114

MGT 350 Operations Management                                     4          Management 2250

FIN 301 Financial Management                                           4

ECN 400 International Trade                                               4

MGT 479 Seminar I: Current Topics in Management        4

MGT 480 Seminar II: Strategic Planning                            4

HIS 402 Contemporary World Issues                                  4

ENG 320 Report Writing                                                      4

ENG 301 Communication and Interpersonal Relations      4

MTH 333 Statistics                                                               4

PHL 401 Philosophy of American Enterprise                       4

Total required quarter hours                                                                                                 88

Total Degree Program Hours                                                                                               184


Notes: Sample based on Fall 2005 COD Associate Degree plan


Northwood University considers all of its associate degree general study requirements fulfilled by the general study requirement of the College of DuPage associate degree programs. If a student has not completed an associate degree, the Northwood University general studies core will be required.

For further information about the Northwood University Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program, call 630-964-6200.

*In order to receive a bachelor's degree from Northwood University, a student must complete 180 quarter hours of credit (36 quarter hours must be from Northwood courses) and have a 2.0 G.P.A. Students wishing to try for academic honors at graduation must complete a minimum of 44 quarter hours of Northwood courses.

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