Post-Award Services

Once a grant has been awarded, several things occur in the Grants Office:

  1. We celebrate!
  2. We establish files to assist with compliance and organization of award records.
  3. Once the contract is received and verified, we announce the award to the greater COD community.

And then the work begins …

  • Once an award is made, the Project Director, and any other COD personnel who will be responsible for implementing project activities, must reread the proposal carefully, complete, sign and submit the following forms to the Grants Office. The purpose of these forms is to ensure that those responsible for the implementation of the project understand exactly what the requirements of the award are, are reminded of all the activities that were proposed in the grant, and remember that data collection must begin immediately in order to make quarterly and final reports more accurately and easily completed.
  • The Grant Director and Grant Accountant will hold an initial meeting to discuss Grant Management and regular meetings as needed with the grant team to assist with implementation as needed and to ensure compliance with agency regulations.
  • The Grants Office is available to assist with any compliance issues you may be having, and to troubleshoot projects if something is not going well. Please do not wait to contact us if you foresee a problem, or are having trouble completing project activities. The sooner we know about a problem, the easier it is to solve.


Contact Information

Barbara Abromitis
Director of Grants
(630) 942-3020  

Dominique Steward
Grants Coordinator 
(630) 942-3021