Locations & Staff

Police Department Office
HEC 1040
(630) 942-2000


Police Department Dispatch
Open 24 hours 7 days a week.
SRC 2100
(630) 942-2000 

Chief of Police

Joe Mullin
Email: mullin@cod.edu

Administrative Assistants

Terri Cascarano
Email: cascaranot@cod.edu

Sue Watts
Email: wattss14@cod.edu 


Kent Munsterman
Email: munsterm@cod.edu


Thomas Niketopoulos
Email: niketopo@cod.edu

Brian Kidd
Email: kiddbr@cod.edu

Patrol Officers

Brian Adcock
Email: adcockb@cod.edu

Larry Finnerty
Email: finnerty@cod.edu

Al Gentile
Email: gentilea201@cod.edu

Derek Jensen
Email: jensend@cod.edu

Jose Mendez
Email: mendezj401@cod.edu

Jerold Munoz
Email: munozj@cod.edu

Pat Nevison
Email: nevisonp@cod.edu

Tim O'Reilly
Email: oreillyt4@cod.edu

Jeff Priest
Email: priestj@cod.edu 

Mike Schabert
Email: schabertm@cod.edu 

Alfredo Silva
Email: silvaa@cod.edu

Richard Spiers
Email: spiers@cod.edu

James Tamburrino
Email: tamburr@cod.edu

John Ucci
Email: uccijo@cod.edu

Raul Valladares
Email: valladaresr@cod.edu 

Mike Vesconte
Email: vescontem@cod.edu 

Bruce Wronski
Email: wronskib@cod.edu



Jennifer Brauch
Email: brauch@cod.edu

Bryan Gumm
Email: gummbr@cod.edu

Brett Hochstatter
Email: hochstat@cod.edu

Jonathan Ramos
Email: ramosj75@cod.edu

Kirsten Rieser
Email: rieserk@cod.edu

Patrick Wrodarczyk
Email: wrodarczykp@cod.edu

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