Louise M. Beem Early Childhood Center Application for Enrollment


  • When you accept an offer of enrollment in the Early Childhood Center, a registration fee is required to secure your child's enrollment. If you are enrolling your child for full-time classes, a security deposit equal to two weeks of tuition is also required.
  • A separate Application for Enrollment form is required for each student.

*Required Field

Full-Time Toddler Care
Full-Time Preschool
Full-Time Kindergarten
Academic Day Kindergarten (if available)
Part-Time Preschool (3-Year-Old Class)
Part-Time Preschool (Mixed-Age Class)
Part-Time Preschool (4-Year-Old Class)
Preschool Summer Camp (Mon. and Tue. a.m.)
Preschool Summer Camp (Wed. and Thu. a.m.)
Kindergarten Summer Camp