Lifelong Learning

Our popular Lifelong Learning Institute classes are designed especially for adults 55 and older, and a reduced senior rate applies. We remain appreciative of your years of curiosity, commitment to growth and learning, and your support of COD programs. We believe that learning never stops. Come join us for one of our classes.

The Lifelong Learning Institute offers a mix of courses, workshops, seminars and lectures in a wide range of topic areas, such as art and hobby, health and wellness, history and the humanities, and more. From popular favorites to brand-new topics, Lifelong Learning at College of DuPage incorporates the best of what enrichment has to offer at any age.

Summer Classes are Beginning!

We invite you to check out the great selection in Lifelong Learning this summer term, as well as the broad range of inspiring programs throughout Continuing Education.

Reserve Your Seat in an Upcoming Class

For full course details, please call (630) 942-2208.

Beginning Computer Skills for Plus 50 – May 31
Intermediate Computer Skills for Plus 50 Part III – June 1
A Course is Born: Concept to Class – June 2
Boulevard of Broken Dreams – June 3
The Beatles – June 6
Beginner's Bridge – June 8
Bridge: Beginners and Beyond – June 8
Clash of Civilizations – June 8
Chicago's Greatest Disasters: Fact vs. Fiction – June 9
Climb Your Family Tree – June 9
Early History of Glen Ellyn – June 9
Warrior Monks – June 9
Great Women in British History – June 13
Great Battles in History – June 14
Great Decisions 2016 – June 14
The Rise of Political Islam – June 14
Brain Health 101 – June 16

Course Highlights

The Beatles
Join us as we discover the Beatles' story, their personalities and, most importantly, how their music continues to influence our culture and our expectations of popular music. With the use of audio and visual content, students learn the arc of the Beatles career from their development in Liverpool, through Beatlemania into their psychedelic phase, and finally their dissolution. Deepen your appreciation for the
Beatles' incredible productivity, their musical and lyrical maturity and their cultural impact.

Monday, June 6 to 27
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-055, $119; Lifelong Learner $79
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1403

Clash of Civilizations:
American Culture and Beliefs in the Rest of World

What makes one culture different from another? It is more than just food, spices, and music, differing beliefs and priorities. Explore Western and U.S. culture, identify the beliefs that make us American, and then examine how those beliefs inform how we view the world, and how other parts of the world view us. We will contrast, specifically, Russian and Muslim cultures against U.S. culture and look at the impacts of these clashes on our international relationships. Instructor: Eric Phillipson

Wednesday, June 8 to July 13
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-063, $159; Lifelong Learner $119
Brookdale Senior Living, Glen Ellyn

Great Women in British History
Focus on four of history's greatest women, who made a significant impact upon the course of English history as we know it today: the Empress Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and the sister queens Mary and Elizabeth Tudor. Team taught by instructors Marcus Sanghera and John Schreiber

Monday, June 13 to Aug. 8
10 a.m. to noon (No class July 4)
HUMNT-0001-014, $189; Lifelong Learner $149
On campus in Glen Ellyn

The Rise of Political Islam
This course seeks to introduce the core theological, ritual, legal, textual, cultural and historical components of Islam and their relation to the rise of religious and political influence.

Tuesday, June 14 to July 19
1 to 3 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-065, $159; Lifelong Learner $119
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Get Connected to the MAC

This new series of courses helps you prepare for the exciting concerts and theater productions coming to COD's McAninch Arts Center. Take a class, then attend College events with a newfound understanding.

Art Appreciation 101—Understanding the Qualities of
Great Art
Develop your knowledge and understanding of the universal and timeless qualities that identify all great art. The more you appreciate and understand the art of different eras, movements, styles and techniques, the more you will gain from the all of the opportunities to view and appreciate art right here at home and wherever you may travel. The Cleve Carney Gallery on the COD campus offers year-round visual art exhibitions showcasing a variety of innovative art by regional, national and international artists. Bring the insight you gain in this course to all the great art you'll find inside the MAC.

Monday, July 11 to Aug. 1
4 to 6 p.m.
HUMNT-0001-064, $119; Lifelong Learner $79
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Classical Composers
Get an introduction to the lives and music of the great classical composers, from Bach, Beethoven and Mozart to Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Engage in discussion of their most inspired and popular compositions, while exploring social, political and historical backgrounds. Instructor: Bob Kucaba.

Monday, July 11 to Aug. 15
10 a.m. to noon
HUMNT-0001-044, $159; Lifelong Learner $119
On campus in Glen Ellyn

Programming for Plus 50 Community Members

Continuing Education has developed a series of streamlined classes designed with experiences and skills of adult learners in mind.
See Plus 50 page for full details.

Free Enrichment for Lifelong Learners

Enjoy the topics and the company! Continuing Education presents free lectures and discussions through our Sage Series and Lunch Break Lectures. Join us for an inspired selection of new topics this spring.

Lunch Break Lectures
Join us for engaging lectures and discussions during the noon hour on Wednesdays in the Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1110. Registration is recommended.

May 18 – Crimean War
June 1 – The Knights Templar
June 22 – Shakespeare's Tragedy Plays
June 29 – Alfred the Great
July 13 – Backyard Wildlife
July 27 – The Inklings

Sage Series
Enjoy a variety of topics presented by local subject experts. Registration is required. For meeting times, please view the schedule of classes or call (630) 942-2208.

June 10 – Tourist Art
June 18 – The Hubble Space Telescope: 25 Years
June 20 – Inside COD–Russell R. Kirk Prairie Tour
June 24 – Alternative News Sources
July 8 – Behind the Walls at the Cleve Carney Art Gallery with Justine Witte
July 22 – Behind the Scenes at the MAC and Lunch with Diana Martinez
Aug. 5 – Chicago—The Birth of a Great City

Share Your Passion and Experience

College of DuPage Continuing Education is seeking community members who are interested in facilitating Lifelong Learning courses and seminars! Areas of interest include history, literature, politics, philosophy, art, travel, history and the humanities. We are also experiencing a growing interest in financial and career-related topics. We are also seeking tutors in several topic areas.

Email or call (630) 942-2208 for information about how to submit your course proposal.

Continuing Education wants to hear from you!
Let us know what kind of Lifelong Learning programs you'd like us to offer. Please take a few minutes to share your opinions—complete the Lifelong Learning Survey.

Lifelong Learning Scholarship Fund

College of DuPage Continuing Education is dedicated to serving the educational needs of all COD district residents. Limited scholarship funds are available to assist Lifelong Learners who choose to participate in Continuing Education programs. Individuals who wish to apply for, or contribute to, this fund are encouraged to contact Continuing Education at (630) 942-2208 or

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See additional Lifelong Learning Institute classes in the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes. To learn more about our programs or request a printed schedule, call Continuing Education at (630) 942-2208 or email

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  • Carmela Martino

    Carmela MartinoContinuing Education

    “I love teaching almost as much as I love writing. I learn so much from it, not only from the work I do in preparation to teach but also from my students. Their questions make me think more deeply about the writing process. I hope my students feel affirmed in their desire to write.”

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  • Irina Gorbunova-Ford

    Irina Gorbunova-FordContinuing Education

    "Teaching is sharing knowledge. I love to share and learn from my students at the same time. I understand how important it is to build a working relationship with students and embolden them to learn a subject.

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  • John Schreiber

    John SchreiberContinuing Education

    "I encourage an open classroom environment where the students are free to engage me with questions, comments, additions and corrections."

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