Business and Technology Division

The Business and Technology Division prepares students for entry into the job market and gives them a firm academic base for continuing their education at a four-year college or university. Advisory committees made up of business and industry representatives ensure state-of-the-art curricula and up-to-date information. Faculty members have real-world experience that offers students realistic professional guidance.


Contact Information

Business and Technology Office
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1034
(630) 942-2592

Donna Stewart
Dean of Business and Technology

Kris Fay
Associate Dean for Business

John Kronenburger
Associate Dean for Technology

Alison Greene
Technical Education Center Academic Adviser
(630) 942-2969

Kathy Kotowski
Tech-Connect Adviser
BIC 1732
(630) 942-3961

Faculty Spotlight

  • Carolyn England

    Carolyn EnglandComputer Information Systems

    "Learning is experience and learning is being able to work with others. It's important for me to help my students get to the next level, whether they are retraining for a new job or transferring to earn their bachelor's. I want to make sure that they never stop learning."

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  • Tom Robertson

    Tom RobertsonAutomotive Technology

    "I hope my students develop the same curiosity I have to discover how something works and why it works that way, and then I hope they can apply that understanding to determine why something isn't working or is broken."

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  • Bill Wolfe

    Bill WolfeComputer and Internetworking Technologies

    "Teaching is a way to give back the knowledge, experience and enjoyment I have obtained throughout my career and life in the use of technology," he said. "I hope my passion for technology and learning something new every day is contagious."

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  • Branislav Rosul

    Branislav RosulElectronics

    "Teaching complements my fondness to work in technology with an opportunity to share ideas with students. I hope that they will develop their lives and gain the respect and appreciation for technology and its benefits through real-life, hands-on experiences."

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  • Rukshad Patel

    Rukshad PatelAccounting

    "In many ways, a classroom is a microcosm of the real world, and it is important for my students to acquire a range of real-world habits while studying Accounting so that the eventual transition from school to industry is smoothly exhilarating."

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  • Mary Beth Leone

    Mary Beth LeoneHospitality Management

    "The more I get to know (my students), the better I am in understanding what they need. Each individual needs something different from their teacher, and it is up to the educator to figure out what that is."

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