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Business and Technology Division Programs

Faculty Spotlight

  • Jim Filipek

    Jim FilipekManufacturing Technology

    "In spite of a fragile economy, job opportunities are plentiful in the manufacturing industry. There are three processes that sustain our world: growing, mining and manufacturing. Everything that happens is based on these three areas!"

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  • Jane Kielb

    Jane KielbInterior Design

    "With 30-plus years of completing various types of design projects, I want to share my experiences with students, including actual challenges that they normally wouldn't learn about in a classroom setting."

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  • Clyde Cox

    Clyde CoxComputer and Internetworking Technologies

    "The first time I can remember taking anything apart was an old TV set when I was about 12 years old," Clyde Cox explained. "It fascinated me because at the time I couldn't figure out how it worked."

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  • Sally Fairbank

    Sally FairbankParalegal Studies

    "My students are bright, hard-working and dedicated to learning," she said. "I hope they take away respect for the law and the legal system, a desire for ongoing growth and self-improvement, and constant intellectual curiosity."

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  • Jane Murtaugh

    Jane MurtaughBusiness/Management/Marketing

    "We live in a business-oriented society where even if we aren't employed within a business enterprise as managers, we encounter the marketing efforts of those businesses on a daily basis."

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  • Tim Meyers

    Tim MeyersCulinary Arts

    "What I truly love about teaching is giving the knowledge/skills to a person who knows little or nothing about a subject and watching them grow to become successful."

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  • Jane Ostergaard

    Jane OstergaardArchitecture

    "I enjoy watching students get excited by architecture and their projects. I especially enjoy working with students during their introduction to the field when they first learn to think and see as an architect."

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  • Sharon Scalise

    Sharon ScaliseFashion Studies

    "I had great teachers as role models, and I drew enthusiasm for teaching from them. Fashion is a fun curriculum to share. It's new every season, always changing."

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