Health and Sciences Coordinators

Below is a list of coordinators for various programs in the Health and Sciences Division. Please contact them for program-specific information.

Program Coordinators 

  • Maintenance of accreditation with regional, state, and national agencies; 
  • Oversight of and provides input for program promotion activities;
  • Review and recommend articulation agreements with high schools, colleges, community and employer groups;
  • Development of relationships with professional organizations and agencies; Leadership of advisory committee work;
  • Oversight of curriculum development and maintenance including program specific certificates and degrees;
  • Production of program review report and maintenance of annual program review updates; 
  • Assist in the recruitment of students; 
  • Provide assistance in the development of class schedules for approval by the appropriate administrator; 
  • Review and evaluate transcripts where necessary; 
  • Attend Faculty Coordinator meetings; 
  • Leadership of program faculty meetings; 
  • Monitor graduation/certification requirements if required for accreditation; 
  • Identify and recommend potential adjunct faculty; 
  • Participate in adjunct faculty support sessions.

Health Program Coordinators

Basic Nursing Assistant (BNA)

Theresa Bucy
Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 2202H, (630) 942-8330

Cardiac Interventional Radiography Specialist (CIRS)

Shelli Thacker
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207E, (630) 942-2434

Dental Hygiene

Patti Belmonte
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2202P, (630) 942-4237

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Computed Tomography

Amy Yarshen
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207L, (630) 942-3065

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Mammography

Pam Jankovsky
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207H, (630) 942-2349

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Nuclear Medicine

Amy Yarshen
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207L, (630) 942-3065

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiation Therapy

Jeff Papp
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207S, (630) 942-2074

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography

Shelli Thacker
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207E, (630) 942-2434

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography

Melissa McKirdie
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2202AA, (630) 942-3608


Nancy Feulner
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207R, (630) 942-2124

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B and EMT-P)/Fire Science Technology

Dan Krakora
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1018, (630) 942-2107

Tim Caldwell

Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1017, (630) 942-2813

Health Information Technology

Cheryl Jackson
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207B, (630) 942-3384

Long-Term Care

Bob Blair
(847) 515-8578

Medical Assistant

Diane Gryglak
Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 2207F, (630) 942-3507

Nursing (ADN)

Dilyss Gallyot
Program Participation and Curriculum
Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 2202S, (630) 942-3050

Kim Oosterhouse
Program Evaluation and Student Assessment
Health Sciences Center (HSC), Room 2202V, (630) 942-3050


Nancy Feulner
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2207R, (630) 942-2124

Physical Therapist Assistant

Jill Dziak, Interim Coordinator
Health & Science Center (HSC) 2202B, (630) 942-4076

Sharon Roschay
Health & Science Center (HSC) 2202D, (630) 942-3337

Charles Vanderwarf
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2202W, (630) 942-2105

Respiratory Care

Charles Vanderwarf
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2202W, 
(630) 942-2105

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Faye Campagna
Health Science Center(HSC), Room 2202C, (630) 942-4331

Surgical Technology

Kathy Cabai
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 2202A, (630) 942-8328

Social and Behavioral Sciences Program Coordinators 

Criminal Justice
Eric Thompson
Health & Science Center (HSC) Room 1029, (630) 942 -3360

Early Childhood Education and Care

Cindy Rice
Early Childhood Center (EC), Room 1003, (630) 942-2388

Human Services

Jason Florin
Berg Instructional Center (BIC ) 2603C, (630) 942-2043

Physical Education Program Coordinator

Physical Education

Paul Zakowski
Building K, Room 165G, (630) 942-2895


Contact Information

Health and Sciences Division
Tom Cameron, Dean
Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 1220, (630) 942-8331