Health and Sciences Division Faculty


  • Thomas Cameron, Dean, Health and Sciences
  • Marianne Hunnicutt, Associate Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Tom Schrader, Associate Dean, Math and Physical Sciences
  • Karen M. Solt, Associate Dean, Health and Biological Sciences
  • Paul Zakowski, Associate Dean, Physical Education/Director of Athletics
  • Vickie Gukenberger, Associate Dean, Nursing and Health Sciences


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Contact Information

Health and Sciences Division
Tom Cameron, Dean
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616, (630) 942-2010

Faculty Spotlight

  • Jason Florin

    Carol RiphenburgPolitical Science

    "To compete in the international marketplace and contribute to positive global interaction, students need to have a better understanding of and appreciation for other people, other cultures, other religions and other geographies."

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  • Jason Florin

    Jason FlorinHuman Services

    "I find working with the faculty at the College to be a great inspiration, and of course the students. Their energy and enthusiasm to make a difference is an endless supply of inspiration." 

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  • Dilyss Gallyot

    Dilyss GallyotNursing

    "I care for my students, but I will push them to do their best. I also want them to remember the vulnerability of the patients who they are caring for and the responsibility that is placed in the hands of a nurse."

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  • Theodore Darden

    Theodore DardenCriminal Justice

    "Any individual has the capability of changing the world given the opportunity. As a teacher, I can provide these opportunities on a daily basis to every individual that passes through my classrooms."

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  • Lois Stanciak

    Lois StanciakTeacher Preparation

    "A teacher can have the ability to create a positive or negative attitude toward school, to create an interest in a specific career, to build confidence or cowardice in a student, to encourage risk-taking or passiveness, and to motivate and inspire."

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  • Bob Cappetta

    Bob CappettaMathematics

    "I want my students to learn that their efforts make a difference. I want them to know that they can be successful."

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  • Alex Bolyanatz

    Alex BolyanatzAnthropology

    "If students have a better grasp of why they do what they do, and of why others do what they do, then I am satisfied in terms of what students take away from my classes."

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