Carol J. Riphenburg

Carol J. Riphenburg

Carol J. Riphenburg, Ph.D.

Professor, Political Science

(630) 942-2670
Office: Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2604C


  • Ph.D. University of Nebraska
  • M.A. Georgetown University
  • B.A. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire


Areas of Research Interest:

  • Middle East
  • North Africa (Maghreb)
  • Afghan Women


Current Projects:

  • Book: Afghanistan in Ferment: Dynamics of State, Religion, and Global Change
  • Teach-in on Terrorism
  • Dialogs: Global Perspectives of U.S./Islam, Gender and Social Change


Selected Publications, Presentations, Books:

  • "Afghanistan: Out of the Globalization Mainstream?" Third World Quarterly . Vol. 27, no. 3 (2006) pp. 507-24.
  • "Women, Gender and Development Discourses and Practices: Afghanistan," Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. Leiden: Brill, 2005.
  • "Electoral Systems in Divided Societies: The Case of Afghanistan," British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (Forthcoming).
  • "Afghanistan's Constitution: Success or Sham?," Middle East Policy, Vol. XII, no. 1 (Spring 2005), pp. 31-43.
  • "Ethnicity and Civil Society in Contemporary Afghanistan," Middle East Journal, Vol. 59, no. 1 (Winter 2005), pp. 31-51.
  • "Gender Relations and Development in a Weak State: the Rebuilding of Afghanistan," Central Asian Survey, Vol. 22: 2/3 (2003).
  • Post-Taliban Afghanistan: Changed Outlook for Women? Asian Survey XLIV, no. 3 (May/June 2004): 401-21.
  • "Changing Gender Relations and the Development Process in Oman," in Islam, Gender and Social Change . J.L. Esposito and Y.Y. Haddad, eds. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998, pp. 144-168.
  • "Women's Status and Cultural Expression: Changing Gender Relations and Structural Adjustment in Zimbabwe," Africa Today. Vol. 44, no. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1997, pp. 33-49).
  • Oman: Political Development in a Changing World . Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 1998.
  • "Gender Relations and Development in Yemen: Participation and Employment," Peacekeeping and International Relations. Vol. 28, no. 3 (May-June 1999), pp. 5-17, 22.
  • "Changing Gender Relations and Development in Yemen: Education, Family, Health and Fertility, Cultural Expression," Southeastern Political Review . Vol. 28, no. 4 (December 2000), pp. 715-743.
  • Oman: Political Development in a Changing World. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 1998.


Awards and Recognitions:

  • Fulbright Middle East and North Africa Regional Research Grant, Senior Scholar in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, 8/16-12/17/06.
  • Southwest China CIEE Faculty Professional Development Trip, 6/5-17/2006.
  • AIYS Fellowship Program, US Scholars in Residence, Spring 1999
  • Non-teaching Assignment, College of DuPage, 1999
  • Malone Fellow, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, 1996
  • Fulbright Group Project Abroad: Zimbabwe, 1995
  • Japan CIEE Seminar, 1995
  • CCID Faculty Exchange, Czech Technical University, Preague, 8-12/91


Professional Affiliations:

  • American Political Science Association
  • International Studies Association
  • Middle East Institute
  • Middle East Studies Association