Liberal Arts Division

The Liberal Arts Division at College of DuPage offers students a comprehensive foundation for professional and intellectual development. Through offerings in Humanities/Speech Communication, English/ESL and Fine and Applied Arts, and developmental education, courses of study in Liberal Arts help students transcend cultural differences, champion curiosity and respectful inquiry, and explore various forms of spiritual and creative expression. Liberal Arts Study Abroad programs in language provide authentic cultural contexts for learning, and performance venues in the McAninch Arts Center provide many opportunities for aesthetic expression and interaction with community.

We invite you to explore the challenges and rewards of studying in the Liberal Arts.


Contact Information

Liberal Arts Division
Daniel E. Lloyd, Ph.D.
(630) 942-2865

Liberal Arts Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616
(630) 942-2047

Faculty Spotlight

  • Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreEnglish

    "Teaching allows me to expose others to new ideas, art and ways of thinking, which brings me a lot of joy. I want my students to see how ideas fit together and to create new ideas, while evaluating and rethinking the old ones."

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  • Sandy Fries

    Sandy FriesMass Communications

    "Students should know that their professor has professional experience in a given field, and listening to someone like Bill Shatner helps them grasp how it works behind the scenes." 

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  • Barbel Thoens-Masghati

    Bärbel E. Thoens-MasghatiLanguages

    "The world does not revolve around one language or culture, so it's important to embrace and learn more about other cultures, even if it's learning a few simple things."

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  • Marco Benassi

    Marco BenassiSpeech

    "I love to see people take risks to move ideas forward and help us all realize there are many ways to accomplish a single pursuit."

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  • Kathy Baum

    Kathy BaumArt

    "When a student is proud of what they have accomplished, especially since jewelry objects can be so different and magical, it's a fabulous moment! Why would I do anything else?"

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  • John Paris

    John ParisHistory

    "The more conscious and informed students are about the past, the more they will be truly prepared for the world beyond this level of education and the more culturally, socially and politically aware they will be as citizens of the world."

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