Programs of Study

English and Academic ESL 

The English/ESL area includes courses in English Composition, Developmental Reading and Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Linguistics and Literature. These disciplines provide an educational framework within which students can develop their abilities to think independently and to express themselves clearly, effectively and creatively. Instructors focus on the skills of communications and the contexts in which human expression occurs. Many of the courses in English satisfy the General Education requirements for graduation and can be transferred to other institutions.

Fine and Applied Arts

The Fine and Applied Arts is comprised of a variety of artistic disciplines dedicated to aiding students' approach to the creative process with rigor and lucidity. Disciplines and programs in Fine Arts include transfer courses in Drawing, Painting, Computer Art, Ceramics, Dance, Jewelry making, Printmaking, Papermaking, Sculpture, Mass Communication, Music and Theater. The Applied Arts include transfer and occupational courses in Graphic Design, Motion Picture/Television, Animation, TV Production, Film/Video Production; and Photography.

Many of the courses in Fine Arts satisfy the General Education requirements for graduation and can be transferred to other institutions. Both associates degrees and certificates are offered in the Applied Arts programs.

The faculty in the Fine and Applied Arts are working artists, designers, dancers, musicians, actors, and writers committed to giving students a professional education of the highest quality to allow entry into the workplace or continue on to academic careers at quality educational institutions.

Humanities and Speech Communication 

The subject areas are History, Humanities, Language, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Speech -- represent the very core of the human experience. Understanding who we are, where we have been, how we communicate with one another and how we give voice to our most deeply held beliefs and desires helps define what it means to be human.

Through the study of humanities, students have the opportunity to enhance their ability to think critically about the world around them, to develop an appreciation of other languages and cultures, and to become informed, articulate and productive citizens and leaders of a global community.


Contact Information

Liberal Arts Division Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06
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Faculty Spotlight

  • Julia diLiberti

    Julia diLibertiHumanities

    "I sometimes ask students to imagine a society with no arts, and we speculate on how that society would look, evolve, survive. Ultimately, students conclude that the arts would be hard to suppress since they are so vital to the expression of who we are."

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  • Les Wolfe

    Les WolfePhilosophy/Religious Studies

    "Discussing an idea with someone else is always more fun than reading about it, and teaching an idea is even more fun than discussing it with someone, for teaching involves discussion and a lot more besides."

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  • Eva Maria Rapple

    Eva Maria RäpplePhilosophy/Religious Studies

    "Having lived in different countries throughout my life, I have always been fascinated with the diversity of ideas, patterns of thought, beliefs and values in this world. Simultaneously, I gained an awareness of the need to examine those contexts critically."

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  • Connie Canaday Howard

    Connie Canaday HowardTheater

    "Theater is a wonderful arena to provoke us about our values and assumptions, to constantly ask us to re-evaluate, and that all of that really helps us be more compassionate, empathetic people, as well as helping us gain perspectives."

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  • Tony Venezia

    Tony VeneziaMotion Picture/TV

    "I tell students to reach into themselves. Some people come into class already like that. But for others, it is new ground, and I don't think people are taught that concept a whole lot in school."

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