Academic Facilities


Located 25 miles west of downtown Chicago at 425 Fawell Blvd., COD’s Glen Ellyn campus included 17 buildings at the end of 2012: the Student Resource Center, Student Services Center, Culinary & Hospitality Center, Homeland Security Education Center, Berg Instructional Center, Seaton Computing Center, McAninch Arts Center, Physical Education Center, Early Childhood Center, Health and Science Center, Technical Education Center, Open Campus Center, Field Studies Center, Greenhouse, Buildings K, L and M.

In 2013, the College is enhancing the functionality of four buildings and is on track to open one new building:

• The McAninch Arts Center (MAC) is being remodeled to replace outdated performance, educational and studio spaces. Safety and comfort improvements will enhance the performance and viewing enjoyment of the community and students. Improvements to studio spaces will foster collaborative instruction that encourages learning beyond traditional lecture-based instruction.

• The Physical Education Center (PEC) is being upgraded to allow the College to provide greater educational opportunities, support for the College’s athletic teams, improvements to the building’s internal circulation and to re-purpose underutilized spaces. The enhanced facility will create a fitness club atmosphere that blends into the building’s academic goals.

• The Seaton Computing Center (SCC) is being modernized to provide the infrastructure to support the rapid pace of technological advancements and challenges that our students will face in the future.

• The Student Resource Center Library and Academic Computing Center are being remodeled to improve the functionality of both spaces, to create environments more conducive to study, research and academic needs.

• The new Campus Maintenance Center is being built to replace the outdated existing facility that no longer serves the needs of a modern college campus. The new facility is designed to allow staff to perform their duties more efficiently and productively.