Director                                                                                        Bärbel Thoens-Masghati                                                             Bärbel Thoens-Masghati is an Assistant Professor of German at College of DuPage. She is a native of Nauen, Germany who immigrated to the U.S. as a child. She holds a B.A. from Hope College in Holland, MI, an M.A. from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, has completed 65 hours of Post Graduate work at Ohio State University, and studied a year at the University of Munich, in Munich, Germany. She also earned a K-12 Illinois Teaching Certificate from Northern Illinois University.   She has taught as a Graduate Assistant at Wayne State University and Ohio State University, where she received the Teaching Assistant of the Year Award. She also taught as an Adjunct at Hope College and as a junior high and high school teacher in the Naperville School District 203. In 2005 Thoens-Masghati came to COD as an Adjunct in German and in 2012 she joined the COD faculty as Assistant Professor. Thoens-Masghati has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Iran, to Dubai, Hong Kong, China, and to the Carribean. In addition to her academic interests, she enjoys a variety of music, films and reading, as well as traveling and exploring different cultures, and relaxing at the family home in Michigan.

Christiane D. Knapp-Andrews
Christiane Knapp-Andrews is a high school chemistry teacher at Wheaton Warrenville South High School. She is a native German who grew up in Berlin, Germany. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Hope College in Michigan, a Master's in Education from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has completed 70 post graduate hours in the sciences. Christiane Knapp-Andrews has taught high school chemistry since 1992. She has been on the Chemistry  curriculum committee for several years in the Wheaton School District #200 and is currently the PLC leader for the Chemistry program at her high school.
Knapp-Andrews goes back home to Berlin every summer. She knows Berlin and its unique culture very well. In addition, she has traveled extensively throughout Europe , Asia, and the Caribbean. She is very aware and respectful of the various cultures and knows how to submerge into them well. She loves the eclectic arts, dance and music. She loves to ski and hike the Alps, walk through the streets of different cities and explore. She loves her garden and to read both English and German books. She and her husband have raised three very well traveled daughters in Chicago.







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