Earth Science 1124 - Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies

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A study of stars, galaxies, deep space objects, and cosmology utilizing the latest astronomical discoveries. Major topics include constellations, the Sun, stellar types, motions, parallax, magnitudes, luminosity, spectra, classifications, clusters, evolution, quasars, nebula, galaxy classification and composition, the Big Bang, inflation, and cosmology. Prerequisite: Math 0481 with a grade of C or better or a qualifying score on the Math Placement Exam.
4 Credit Hours


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Fifteen half-hour DVD programs to view from the Astronomy: Observations and Theories series


Orientation is required.


Twelve lab exercises, four exams, observation log



DVD Lessons


Exam Number 

1. The Study of the Universe

#1: The Study of the Universe

Lab. Ex. #21
“Math for Introductory Astronomy”


2. Observing the Sky

#2: Observing the Sky

Lab Ex. #20
“Using a Star Finder”


3. Celestial Cycles

#3: Celestial Cycles

Begin working on Observing Log


4. The Birth of Astronomy

#4: The Birth of Astronomy

Work on observing log


5. Astronomical Tools

#5: Astronomical Tools

Lab Ex. #22
“Electromagnetic Radiation”


 6. The Science of Starlight

#6: The Science of Starlight

Lab Ex. #30 “Stellar Spectra and Classification”


 7. The Sun - Our Star

#7 The sun - Our Star

Lab Ex. #26
“Our Star–The Sun”


8. The Family of Stars

#8: The Family of Stars

Lab Ex. #29
“Stellar Brightness”

Lab Ex. #27 “Stellar Parallax – Measuring the Distance to Stars”


 9. The Interstellar Medium


Lab Ex. #33 “The Material Between Stars”


10. Stellar Birth

#9: Stellar Birth

Lab. Ex. # 28 “The Moving Stars”


11. Stellar Evolution


Lab Ex. #32
“Variable Stars”


12.  Stellar Death

#10: Stellar Death



13. Stellar Remnants 

#11: Stellar Remnants

Lab Ex. #31
“H–R Diagram”

14.  Our Galaxy - the Milky Way

 #12: Our Galaxy - the Milky Way



15. Galaxies 

#13: Galaxies

Lab Ex. #34


 16. Active Galaxies

#14: Active Galaxies



 17. Cosmology

#15: Cosmology





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