Mathematics Modules

Mathematics module courses are for students needing to improve their skills for college-level work. These courses are available at the Learning Commons in Glen Ellyn.

Individualized, Appointment-Based Courses

Mathematics module courses are offered in an individualized appointment-based format through the Learning Commons in Glen Ellyn. Students meet with an instructor once a week and follow a syllabus to guide instruction. The instructor acts as a facilitator of instruction, and the student does study work at home or in one of the Learning Commons using a wide variety of print material, computer-delivered programs or audio/video presentations. Please call (630) 942-2131 for more information.

MATH 0405 Study Skills: Math Anxiety, 1 credit

MATH 0408 Arithmetic Whole Numbers I, .5 credit

MATH 0409 Arithmetic Whole Numbers II, .5 credit

MATH 0410 Arithmetic of Whole Numbers, .5 credit

MATH 0412 Arithmetic of Fractions I, .5 credit

MATH 0413 Arithmetic of Fractions II, .5 credit

MATH 0415 Arithmetic of Decimals, .5 credit

MATH 0417 Arithmetic of Percents, .5 credit

MATH 0418 Arithmetic of Ratio/Proportion, .5 credit

MATH 0420 Arithmetic: Special Topics, .5 credit 

MATH 0422 Arithmetic of Signed Numbers, .5 credit 

MATH 0424 Algebra: Solving Linear Equations, .5 credit 


Contact Information

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Mathematics Assistance
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