Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring, an award-winning COD program, offers free services to eligible students who request the service.

It is available for a variety of COD courses on a first-come, first-serve basis. Given tutor availability, students proficient in subject areas provide tutoring to other students.

Peer tutoring is intended to supplement, not replace, class attendance and personal study time. Tutors help clarify points from lectures, labs, discussions or assigned readings. Tutors act as facilitators for student learning; they will not write papers, do homework or complete other assignments for students. Tutoring sessions accommodate up to three students. Large-group tutoring accommodates up to 25 students. All sessions are held in an environment conducive to learning. Restrictions regarding tutoring, tutoring locations, dates and times may apply based on availability.

Who is eligible for Peer Tutoring?
Students must be currently enrolled in the developmental or college-level credit course for which they are requesting a tutor. Services are provided during the academic term for which students are enrolled. They must complete and sign a "Tutoring Request Form" (below), then fax it to (630) 942-3749 or submit it at the Tutoring Services Desk, located in the Learning Commons, SRC 2102. A drop box is available for submission after regular business hours.

Who are peer tutors?
Peer tutors are students who are enrolled for at least six credits at COD during the term they tutor and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and above; hold master proficiency in the subject they tutor; successfully complete the COD peer tutor application process; and  complete  pre-service tutor training. (The credit hour requirement may vary during summer semesters. Please check with Human Resources.)

Peer tutors are paid for their tutoring services by College of DuPage. All tutors are expected to recognize the limitations of their duties, knowledge and experience and make appropriate referrals when necessary.

When are peer tutors available?
Office hours are posted outside the Learning Commons, SRC 2102 or may be obtained by calling (630) 942-3686. The dates and times when tutoring sessions are held vary depending on student needs and tutor availability. Tutoring Services staff arranges all sessions.

Where will peer tutoring be held?
Tutoring is primarily conducted on campus in Glen Ellyn and may be offered at selected off-campus COD locations.

Is there help online?
Yes, COD peer tutors are offering the same great service over the Internet that we offer face to face. Go to the Online Tutoring page


Contact Information

Learning Commons
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2102, (630) 942-3941

Mathematics Assistance
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Writing, Reading, and Speech Assistance
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Tutoring Services
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