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If you're planning to pursue a bachelor's degree, COD is the best place to start. COD offers high-quality academic programs, faculty dedicated to teaching, and facilities that are second to none.

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Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)
The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) facilitates the transfer of students from one Illinois institution to another. Both a general education core curriculum and a lower-division major recommendation course listing have been developed.
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Transferology (formerly CAS) is an online tool that helps you view program requirements, look at course equivalencies, and see how courses you have taken or plan to take transfer to another college or university.
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Steps to Transfer

  1. Explore your areas of interest

    If you have decided on your area or areas of interest, talk with College of DuPage faculty who teach in related disciplines.

    If you are undecided on your area of interest, consider one of the following:

    1. Make an appointment with a College of DuPage counselor for career exploration and decision making.
    2. Take Education 1105, "Career Development"
    3. Sign up for a Career Inventory Workshop
    4. View the presentation "How to Make a Career Decision"
    5. Search major exploration web sites
  2. Decide on your transfer institution.

    1. Visit the College Career Information Center in COD's Library
    2. Meet with college representatives who visit COD (usually located in the hallway by the library entrance)
    3. Watch for the College Fair (October), the State Universities Transfer Day (spring) and Private Illinois Colleges and Universities Day (spring).
    4. Visit the campuses of colleges and universities that interest you during a scheduled open house or on your own.
    5. Check our Transfer Information Sheets on schools of interest to you.
    6. Use specialized web sites to search for transfer institutions that grant degrees in your intended major.
  3. Take courses at College of DuPage that meet prerequisites and satisfy degree requirements at your intended transfer institution.

    1. Check out IAI and Transferology (formerly CAS) web sites. General Advisors and Counselors can be of assistance to you in using these sites
    2. Check the Transfer Information web page for transfer guides.
    3. Be aware of minimum GPA admission, credit hour requirements and any other requirements (such as foreign language) for colleges you wish to attend.
  4. Apply!

    1. Find out the application deadline at your intended transfer institution as soon as possible. Generally, institutions would like you to apply early - nine to 12 months ahead of transferring.
    2. Most institutions have online applications, so check the school's web site.
    3. If a personal statement is required, spend the time to do your best. College of DuPage's Writing Center can be a good resource.
    4. Official College of DuPage transcripts are ordered through the Office of Student Records.
    5. Transcripts from other institutions need to be acquired directly from them.
    6. Letters of recommendation may be required. Give the writers of your letters plenty of advance notice.
  5. Consider financial aid and scholarships.

    1. Apply for financial aid through the Department of Education web site.
    2. Look at the transfer institution's web site for scholarship opportunities.


Refer to "Transfer Tips" for general transfer information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.



Contact Information

Office of Academic Partnerships
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3414, (630) 942-2776



  • Holly Greenwell

    Holly GreenwellTransfer Program

    "Students should look at the future and think about how much debt or loans they might have to pay off, because College of DuPage is a great school where students can get a fantastic education for an unbeatable price."

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  • Justin Roman

    Justin RomanTransfer Program

    "COD was the best choice I could have made. I got my associate's degree, and it bought me about two years to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. Plus, it saved my parents money."

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  • Matt Brousil

    Matt BrousilTransfer Program

    "During my first year, I was just feeling my way around and getting a handle on the atmosphere. But I knew how important it was to get involved with other students and learn from their perspectives."

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  • Kelly Ptak

    Kelly PtakTransfer Program

    "I took full advantage of the opportunities, scholarships and state-of-the-art facilities that COD offers. It was a fantastic jump-start to my adult education."

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  • Emily Hollingsworth

    Emily HollingsworthTransfer Program

    "College of DuPage is helping me meet my goals by giving me a good college education at an affordable price. This allows me to continue on to my bachelor’s degree with less debt than most college juniors would have."

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  • Brandon Mattingly

    Brandon MattinglyTransfer Program

    "Spending two years at COD allowed me to better prepare myself for a fast-paced, intellectually and creatively challenging environment like NYU and in some ways, living in NYC."

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Outstanding Graduates for 2011


Lisa LaRose and Matt Brousil

Lisa LaRose and Matt Brousil are College of DuPage's Outstanding Graduates for 2011.