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Term Section Name and
Location Meeting Information Faculty Credits Course Types
Spring 2018EARTH-1126-002 Observational AstronomyMain Campus01/23/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday 6:00PM - 9:50PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3533 J. DalSanto 16 week session; General Science ; Physical Sciences
Spring 2018HIT-1108-003 ICD-10-CM/Physician ServicesMain Campus01/22/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Lab Discussion Monday 9:00AM - 12:50PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 1114 E. Green 16 week session
Spring 2018HOSP-2862-CP001 Internship (Career/Tech Ed)Main Campus01/20/2018-05/18/2018 Internship M. Leone 16 week session; Internship; Contemporary Life Skills
Spring 2018INTER-2311-002 Lighting IMain Campus01/23/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday 10:00AM - 1:50PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 3021 J. Kielb 16 week session
Spring 2018MANUF-2252-001 CNC OperationsMain Campus01/24/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Lab Discussion Wednesday 6:00PM - 9:50PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 2010  16 week session
Spring 2018OFTI-1110-NET01 Document FormattingOnline02/12/2018-05/18/2018 Internet/Online COD internet-based courses, Room NA K. Gerken 12 week session; Internet/online; Contemporary Life Skills
Spring 2018OFTI-1200-NET03 MS Office Professional StaffOnline01/20/2018-05/18/2018 Internet/Online COD internet-based courses, Room NA K. Gerken 16 week session; Internet/online; Contemporary Life Skills
Spring 2018PHYS-2263-003 Fitness Instructor-PersonalMain Campus01/23/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday 1:30PM - 4:20PM, Physical Education Bldg, Room 129 K. McFadden 16 week session
Spring 2018PHYSI-2115-002 Science & Engineering IIIMain Campus01/22/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Monday Tuesday Thursday 12:00PM - 12:50PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3H06 01/22/2018-05/18/2018 Lab/Lab Discussion Wednesday 12:00PM - 2:50PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3F03 D. Fazzini 16 week session; General Science
Spring 2018PLGL-1100-HYB01 Intro to Paralegal StudiesMain Campus02/13/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday 6:30PM - 9:20PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1D03  12 week session; Hybrid
Spring 2018POLS-1101-100 American PoliticsMain Campus02/13/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday 6:00PM - 9:40PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3541 J. Durkin 12 week session; Social & Behavioral Sci
Spring 2018POLS-1101-101 American PoliticsMain Campus03/02/2018-03/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Friday 6:00PM - 9:30PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1429 03/02/2018-03/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Saturday 9:00AM - 3:30PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1429 03/02/2018-03/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Sunday 9:00AM - 3:00PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1429 J. Durkin Custom Session; Social & Behavioral Sci
Spring 2018RESP-2201-002 Adv Life Sup MonitorMain Campus01/26/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Friday 7:00AM - 10:50AM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 2116 W. Meirhofer 16 week session
Spring 2018WELD-2000-003 Introduction to AWS Level 1Main Campus02/12/2018-05/18/2018 Lecture/Discussion Monday 1:00PM - 3:25PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 0028  12 week session
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