Academic Policies and Procedures

Good Standing

Students are considered to be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 and no overdue financial obligations to the College.

Academic Warning and Probation

Students are placed on academic warning when less than 12 attempted College of DuPage credit hours are recorded and the cumulative grade point average is below 2.0/4.0 scale. Academic warning does not restrict registration but students are encouraged to discuss the lack of satisfactory progress with a counselor or advisor.

Students are placed on Academic Probation I when their cumulative grade point average is below the minimum for the cumulative attempted credit hours. Students are expected to maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA upon reaching 12 cumulative attempted hours. Students placed on probation are required to review their academic progress with a counselor prior to enrollment for the next semester. Students are restricted from registration until they comply with this requirement. Students already enrolled in the next semester are restricted from further credit course registration until they comply. Upon a second semester with a term and cumulative GPA below 2.00, the student will be placed on Academic Probation II and restricted from further registration until meeting with a counselor. A student who has previously met with a counselor or advisor and has a GPA of 2.00 or above for the most recent semester, but still has a cumulative GPA under 2.00, will continue on probation. Students on Academic Probation II will not be restricted from registration and are not required to meet with a counselor or advisor. Students will be restored to good academic standing when their cumulative GPA reaches 2.00.

Academic Suspension

Upon a third semester with a term and cumulative GPA below 2.00, a student will be placed on Academic Suspension I and suspended from the College for one semester. Summer term does not count as a semester for suspension purposes. Upon a fourth semester with a term and cumulative GPA below 2.00, the student will be placed on Academic Suspension II and suspended for three semesters from the College.

Academic Reinstatement

Following suspension from the College, a student must request reinstatement through an interview with a counselor or advisor. Once reinstated, course selection will be restricted and no future registration can occur until reinstatement has been approved. In the semesters following academic reinstatement, if the semester grade point average is 2.00 or below, a student will be placed on continued suspension status until the cumulative grade point average meets the minimum of 2.00. If the semester GPA is below 2.00 and the cumulative GPA is below 2.00, the student again will be suspended. Academic warning, probation and suspension notations are recorded on the student's academic record, but not printed on the official transcript.

Excessive Withdrawal

Policy Students with a recurring, overall pattern of withdrawal from College of DuPage courses will be periodically notified of the effect that withdrawal grades can have on progress toward degree/certificate completion and financial aid eligibility. Students failing to make satisfactory academic progress may lose their financial aid funding. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor or advisor to discuss effective strategies for course selection and completion.

Appeals for Standards of Academic Progress

Appeals relating to the Standards of Academic Progress policy should be made to the Dean of Student Affairs.

Academic Forgiveness Policy

The College of DuPage Academic Forgiveness Policy is for those students who have experienced previous academic difficulty at College of DuPage and now wish to build an academic record that is not weakened by past failures. Students are encouraged to retake classes whenever possible to achieve an improved grade. The College accepts no responsibility for the ways in which a transfer institution or an employer might interpret a student's use of the forgiveness option.

Forgiveness Criteria

A student may apply for forgiveness of past "F" grades if all of the following policy requirements are met:

  1. Students seeking academic forgiveness must submit a petition in writing to the Office of Student Records.
  2. A period of at least 36 months of non-enrollment has elapsed since the end of the last term of grades to be forgiven (excluding non-credit classes).
  3. A minimum of 12 consecutive credit hours with no grades of "D," "F," "S," "I" or "X" and no more than two "Ws" must be earned at College of DuPage before the forgiveness policy will be considered for a student. A student must earn the number of credit hours with a grade of "C" or better equal to the number of credit hours of "F" grades to be forgiven. "F" grades for courses below the 1000-level and from other colleges or universities will not be forgiven.
  4. A maximum of 25 quarter hours of 100-level or above or 18 semester hours of 1000-level or above will be forgiven.
  5. Forgiveness will be granted one time only for each student. Once forgiveness is granted, it is permanent. Repeating the course will not affect or change the forgiven grade.

Procedure for Forgiveness

  1. When the eligibility requirements have been fulfilled and forgiveness granted, the student's cumulative grade point average will be recalculated with the "F" grades removed from the calculation. However, the "F" grades will remain on the student's official transcript with a notation indicating that the student has been granted forgiveness.
  2. Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Standards of Progress policy for financial aid recipients. If a student is granted academic forgiveness, eligibility for financial aid is not guaranteed.