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Student Support Services for Distance Learning Students

College of DuPage is committed to providing comprehensive support services for our students who are enrolled in courses delivered through the Centers for Independent Learning. The Centers are charged with the mission of using technology as a means of providing access to the college for individuals who may be constrained by time or place, and to support faculty in the use of technology to enhance the learning experience of students.  Recognizing that our distance learners are not on campus on a regularly scheduled basis, the college has provided a convenient and accessible on demand web source of information.  This website is specifically organized to be responsive to the unique information and advising needs of our students who are learning at a distance.

Advising Services for Distance Learners

Kara Molenhouse is an advisor assigned to the Academic Alternatives and Instructional Support Division and is available to distance learning students who are both currently enrolled or considering enrollment in COD Online courses or other distance learning courses. As an advisor, Kara is available to interact with distance learners by E-mail or phone to assist them in making informed decisions and choices about courses delivered via the Internet. Kara also helps our population of distance learners connect with college student support services. Distance learning advising services span program, career and graduation planning, planning for assessment and testing services, course transfer information, and receiving credit for prior learning. Kara can be contacted by E-mail at or by phone at (630) 942-4890.

Online Student Support Information Resources

Distance learners are encouraged to gather information and learn more about our myriad student and academic support services here at the college by using the online information sources listed below.  These links have been selected and developed for use by distance learners They serve as an organized index of time saving shortcuts to student support information both here at the college and elsewhere.  The links are organized into six broad areas. Simply "point and click" your way to the desired information to help you in your education-related planning and decision making.

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