Welcome to the web site for Library Technical Assistants, created by the College of DuPage. Here you'll find what you need, whether you are considering what the college has to offer, already enrolled and taking courses, or you're already an LTA and are back to keep your skills sharp. Library 
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Program Description
All the details are found on the college's Occupational Program Guide web pages.
Do you have PowerPoint? View our slide presentation. Also, view a six minute streaming video that describes the job of the library assistant and provides information about the Library Technology Program:
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LTA Courses
Here you'll see a description, along with sample syllabi, of the courses that make up our program

Soaring to Excellence
Satellite-delivered library teleconferences

Frequently Asked Questions
Find out about the program in question and answer format.

How to Register
All the details can be found at the college's registration pages, including chargeback information for out-of-district residents.

LTA - 'Your Way'
There are three ways to take LTA classes: on-site at the college campus, using 2-way video conferencing, or taking online classes. Choose which works best for you.

A One-Year Plan of Courses
Here's the schedule of LTA classes in one easy-to-read table. You need Adobe Acrobat to view this.

College Schedule
Here are the dates and times as seen in the Quarterly.

Course Materials
Students: Get the syllabi and curriculum for each course.

How to Create a Professional Portfolio
View Linda Slusar's 8 minute streaming video:
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Job Description
A detailed description can be found at the site of the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salary & Job Information
Additional data compiled by our advisors.

Library Jobs Online
This link takes you to librarysupportstaff.com where you'll find even more information.

LTA Webliography
Your very own LTA 'links' page.

LTA's Home Pages
at librarysupportstaff.com.


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