Christine Monnier
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Welcome to my webpage. From here, you will find information about me,
my conception of sociology, the classes that I teach
and their corresponding up-to-date syllabi and numerous links

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Contact Information

Office Location IC3005a
Phone (630) 942 2438

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My Educational Background

Degrees Discipline Institution
B.A. Sociology, Ethnology University of Nice, France
M.A. Sociology University of Nice, France
Post-Graduate Degree Anthropology University of Nice, France
Ph.D Sociology University of Nice, France
Ph.D Sociology University of Manchester, UK

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Christine's Links

The links that you will find on the page do NOT represent the views and interests of the College of DuPage or of the other Sociology faculty. You proceed at your own risks.

Have you ever read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Read it here.

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Syllabi and Other Documents

Soc 100 Soc 220 - Weekend Studies - Summer 2002
Weekend Studies - Winter 2003 Soc 220 - Adult Fast Track

Sociology 100 Online

Soc 100 Online Home Page What is Soc 100 Online? Soc 100 Online - Syllabus

Email Christine

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Other (Highly) Relevant Information

Department's Philosophy
My Sociology
Globalization and Social Movements
Sociology Homepage
Doing Research with the Library Website
Other Sociology Classes
The Other Sociology Faculty
Christine's Links
Program Guide
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