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Update (11/30/05)
Masonry has been completed. Backstop and ornamental fence posts have been installed. Light fixtures above ornamental fence posts have been installed.

Update (10/31/05)
Seed and sod installation is complete. Currently, masonry installation is in process. Fencing is approximately 85 percent complete. Installation of the backstops remains to be completed.

Update (9/30/05)
Seed and sod installation is in progress. Fence work will be complete within the next month. Masonry for backstops, fence columns, dugouts and the press box will be installed next month.

Update (8/31/05)
Construction is progressing. All of the concrete foundations for the backstops, dugouts, press boxes and fence posts have been poured. The conduits for electric have been put in place with wiring to be pulled within the month.

Update (5/31/05)
Phase II construction began on May 2 with installation of silt fencing around the project perimeter limit lines. Additionally, the contractor began removing much of the topsoil from each of the existing practice fields. The old storage garage located near Park Boulevard has been demolished to make room for the practice fields.

Update (4/30/05)
Phase II – On April 14, the Board of Trustees awarded the contract for construction of the relocation and renovation to Cooling Landscape Contractors. Construction of this project is planned to begin on May 2, 2005, and will start with the installation of the slit fence and fencing around the trees that are to be preserved. Construction is anticipates through September.

Update (3/31/05)

Phase II – Construction bids are due on March 25. Bids will be evaluated by Facilities Planning & Construction department (FP&C) and the Purchasing department, and a recommendation will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the April Board meeting. Construction is anticipated to begin in late April.

Update (2/28/05)
Phase II – This project is currently out to bid for a contractor. The anticipated beginning date for the construction of the athletic fields’ renovation is mid-April.

Update (1/27/05)
Phase II – The design development phase is completed. Meetings will be held to complete the construction documents phase. Additionally, drawings and other documents for storm water permitting have been delivered to the Village of Glen Ellyn.

Update (12/15/04)
Phase I of the athletic field has been completed. The baseball field has been re-graded to eliminate flooding problems and to level the playing surface.

Phase II, which includes the relocation of the softball field, throwing circle and additional practice football fields, is currently in design development.

Update (10/1/04)

Final preparations are being completed to install the sod.




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