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The Berg Instructional Center (BIC)
Student Resource Center (SRC) and Student Services Center (SCC)
College Center
The Berg Instructional Center (BIC) and Student Resource Center (SRC) project includes extensive infrastructure work, renovated classroom and office space, and the addition of a new 65,000 square-foot Student Services Center addition (pictured above), to be located on the north side of the BIC where the BIC and SRC connect. The new center will act as a “front door” for the campus, housing such offices as Admissions and Information, Registration, Counseling and Advising, and Student Activities.

Project Manager:

Steven Lane

Planning/Programming Consultant
Wight & Company

Architecture and Engineering
Services Consultant

Loebl Schlossman & Hackl

BIC/SRC Committee
Core Leadership Team:

Tom Ryan
Vice President, Administrative Affairs

Chuck Currier
Vice President, Information Technology

Jocelyn Harney
Vice President, Student Affairs

Joseph Collins
Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs

Annette Haggray
Dean, Academic Alternatives and Instructional Support

Wendolyn Tetlow
Dean, Liberal Arts

Faculty Senate President

Faculty Senate Vice-President

Part-Time Faculty Representative

Student Leadership Council President

Adam Schauer
Classified Personnel Association Representative

John Wandolowski
Director, Facilities Operations and Maintenance

C.O.D. Review Team:
Skip Seaman
Chief Engineer

Chris Kornsey
Manager, Building and Grounds

Joe Miragliotta
Manager, Emerging Technology, IT

Meri Phillips
Director, Student Activities

Joe Mullin
Deputy Chief of Police, Public Safety

Phil Gieschen
Coordinator, Risk Management

Jackie Reuland
Coordinator, Health and Special Student Services

Magy Rehayem
Coordinator, Employee Wellness

Rod Schlenker
Project Manager, Facilities Planning and Construction (Rise Group)




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