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On Dec. 15, the C.O.D. Board of Trustees approved an award of contract to EVS Construction Company for the Early Childhood Center (EC) project. Construction is expected to start in late January. A project sign is being fabricated and will be posted at the site.

Update (11/30/05)
General contractor bids are expected to be received on Dec. 7. Building permit response to the Village of Glen Ellyn is currently being compiled and will be issued in late November/early December.

Update (10/31/05)
Construction documents are in the process of being revised according to the value engineering options. Re-bid is anticipated to occur in November.

Update (9/30/05)
Value engineering efforts with the architect and design team have been completed. Re-bid is anticipated to occur in October.

Update (8/31/05)
Bids were received on July 21 from eight general contractors. All bids were rejected at the Board meeting on July 28, due to budget constraints. The project is currently in a value engineering phase and scheduled to be re-bid during the month of October.

Update (5/31/05)
The 100 percent design documents have been delivered to the building committee for the final review prior to bidding the project for contractors. It is anticipated that the bidding of this project will take place in June, with construction slated to start in July.

Update (4/30/05)
The project is still within the 50 percent Construction Document Phase. In this phase, the specifications are being prepared to the requirements of all the user groups. Additionally, the mechanical systems design is being completed to incorporate the geothermal ground source heating and cooling system.

Update (3/31/05)
Work on the Early Childhood Center is progressing from the design development phase into the 50 percent construction documents phase. Final construction documents are anticipated to be complete by June 2005, and construction bids will be issued by June 2005.

Update (2/28/05)

The Early Childhood Center is currently in the construction document phase. The project should be proceeding for construction bids in April. C.O.D. has received a response from the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation regarding the grant application. C.O.D. is preparing additional information for their review.

Update (1/27/05)

C.O.D. has submitted a grant application to the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, based on utilizing an innovative geo-thermal ground source heating and cooling system for the building. This type of innovative system will eliminate gas service and fossil fuel emissions. The building is also designed to utilize an under-floor heating system (through floor registers), which will be particularly beneficial in a childcare setting where occupants are closer to the floor.

C.O.D. is completing the design development phase and soon will begin production of construction documents for bidding in the spring.

Update (12/15/04)
The project is now in the completion of the design development phase. The building committee comprised of key stakeholders and Facilities Planning & Construction staff will soon review the plans, selected materials and systems in interactive sessions with Ross Barney + Jankowski Architects.

Update (10/1/04)
The Schematic Design for the new Early Childhood Education Center was approved by the Board of Trustees on Oct. 11, 2004. The Building Committee is actively working with the architect to develop the design and prepare for construction.




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