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Parking lot K
Detention Pond 3 (DP3)
This project consists of the rerouting of storm water from Detention Pond 3 to Detention Pond 2 in order to eliminate DP3. Parking Lot K (above) has been created over the vacated pond.

Update (10/31/05)

Filling and grading operations are complete. Paving and curbs are being completed through the Roadway, Parking Lots & Associated Landscaping Phase 1 project.

Update (9/30/05)
Backfilling of Detention Pond 3 to sub-grade elevations and the surrounding landscape grading is now complete. Borrowing backfill material from the area near the south soccer fields is also complete and that area has now been leveled. Both future Parking Lot P and the area adjacent to the soccer fields are now ready for the next phase, which includes installation of topping surface, final landscaping and signage.

Update (8/31/05)
Backfilling of Detention Pond 3 is nearing completion, with the east side of future Lot P scheduled to be filled with stone by the end of August. The west side of the lot is currently being backfilled. Transporting the backfill material from the area near the south soccer fields is expected to be completed by mid-September.

Update (5/31/05)
Pond excavation and preparation for backfilling is complete and backfilling has resumed. Backfill material is being imported from the south soccer fields to fill in the existing pond. Testing for proper compaction is ongoing with backfilling operations.

Update (4/30/05)
The pond backfill work has resumed. Landscaping is in progress to patch areas, which were disturbed during construction.
Update (2/28/05)
The tie-in of all storm drainage to the pump station is complete. Backfill of the pond will resume in spring 2005, as weather permits.

Update (1/27/05)

Construction of the pumping station structure is complete. Installation of mechanical equipment and piping, including all pumps, valves and fittings, are now complete. Pressure testing of piping occurred in early January. Testing of the pump station components, including pumps, control sequences, safeties and other related equipment, began on Jan. 18, 2005. Once testing is completed and the operation of all controls and pumps has been verified, the contractor will return to re-route all remaining storm water piping still feeding Detention Pond 3. Infilling of the pond has been suspended until the spring of 2005 due to cold weather.

Update (12/15/04)

Construction of the pumping station structure is now complete. Installation of electrical components needed for the pumps and control equipment in the new pumping station is nearing completion. Installation of pumps, valves and other mechanical equipment to be located within the pumping station structure began on Monday, Nov. 30. Patching of asphalt surfaces disturbed during installation of storm sewer piping has also been completed. Infilling of the pond is ongoing.

Update (10/1/04)

The Detention Pond 3 project has been ongoing since early August ’04. New storm water piping has been installed from Detention Pond 2 to Detention Pond 3 and has been tied into parking lot K south of Detention Pond 3. Concrete walkways demolished during the installation of the new storm water piping have been re-poured and will be ready for the start of fall quarter.

Electrical work, excavation for the new lift station and partial excavation of the drained Detention Pond 3 was scheduled to begin the week of Sept. 20.

Update (8/31/04)

Construction began in early August with the trenching and installation of new underground storm water piping. Piping installation began at Detention Pond 2, went through the Physical Education parking lot and has continued to the west along the south lawn of the Physical Education building. Draining of Detention Pond 3 is ongoing.

Project Manager:
Al Zakariya


Teng and Associates
Chicago Illinois

General Contractor:
Raffin Construction Company
Chicago Illinois

Construction Pictures
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:: Temporary parking near soccer fields
:: Former berm near soccer fields leveled for parking
:: Former detention pond 3 leveled, ready for paving
:: West edge of future lot P graded
:: North edge of future lot P looking east
:: Typical bio-swale in future lot P
:: Overall view of futute lot P from the south

:: DP3 Backfilling looking northwest
:: DP3 Backfilling looking south
:: DP3 Backfilling looking northeast
:: DP3 Backfilling looking east
:: Onsite DP3 borrow material location near soccer fields

:: Pump Photo 1
:: Pump Photo 2
:: Pump Photo 3

:: Asphalt Patching
:: Electrical Components
:: Pump Hatches
:: Pump Station Construction
:: Pump Station South View
:: Pump Station Excavation

:: DP3 Draining
:: Grading at south end of pond
:: Preparation for new lift station

:: Detention Pond 3
:: Trenching at Detention Pond 2
:: Trenching for storm water piping at PE Parking Lot
:: Trenching for storm water piping at PE Parking Lot
:: Detention Pond 3 during draining process


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