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Update (12/31/05)
This project is currently in the early design phase. A kick off meeting was held in late December with C.O.D. representatives and the engineering consultant, Grumman/Butkus Associates.

Update (11/30/05)
At the Nov. 17 Board of Trustees meeting, C.O.D. approved Grumman/Butkus to provide engineering design services for the Infrastructure Master Plan. Grumman/Butkus issued the Final Phase 2 report to C.O.D. on Nov. 11. Grumman/Butkus is to start the design work for the infrastructure improvements described in the Phase 2 Report.

Update (10/31/05)
Facilities Planning and Construction and Facilities Operations and Maintenance held a meeting with the consultant, Grumman/Butkus Associates, on Oct. 10 to finalize the Phase 2 Report.

Update (9/30/05)
The final draft of the Infrastructure Master Plan Phase 2 Report has been completed and reviewed by the committee. The work identified in the report has been separated into stand-alone utility improvement projects and those that will be integrated with individual building projects. Currently, the project team is developing an implementation plan. The next phase will be to engage the consultant to begin stand-alone projects.

Update (8/31/05)
The final draft report for Phase 2 of the Infrastructure Master Plan was issued on 8/1/05. Facilities Planning and Construction is currently reviewing this document.

Update (5/31/05)
The final report is being modified to include data obtained during the surveying of the site for the Roadway, Parking Lot and Associated Landscape Improvements project. Final reports will be distributed in late May. Active coordination is taking place on the ECEC and TEC projects.

Update (4/30/05)
The Phase II coordination meeting was held April 29. It was decided at this meeting that a second stand-alone central plant would serve the new buildings on west campus. Final conceptual routings were agreed to for the following systems: fiber optics, telephone, storm water, electric, steam and chilled water. The final report is being updated to incorporate these decisions.

Update (3/31/05)
The project team has finalized the telecommunications infrastructure and phasing requirements to accommodate the new buildings on west campus. The draft report has been reviewed and updated. Campus-wide automated building controls systems and implementation strategies are being evaluated. Commissioning services that will ensure building occupancy testing and start-up are being considered. Conceptual layouts for the following systems are being developed: a high-pressure fire loop, a new central heating and cooling plant on the west campus, and a storm water management system.

Update (2/28/05)

Phase I of the Infrastructure Master Plan is complete. This phase focused on the assessment of the existing Glen Ellyn campus utilities infrastructure. This included a thorough assessment of the existing mechanical, electrical, technology and phone infrastructure. Analysis included current systems overview, infrastructure capacities, current operating demands, distribution and estimated new demands from the implementation of the Facilities Master Plan.

Additionally, descriptions of the age of existing equipment and opinion on the remaining useful life of the systems were compiled. During Phase II, the committee will review the data and enter into discussions to develop conceptual options for the campus infrastructure to accommodate all new and future buildings.





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