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McAninch Arts Center Studio Renovation

Update (12/31/05)
Casework and trim is currently being installed. Painting and concrete floor sealer is completed. Light fixtures are being installed on both floors. Renovation work should be complete in early January.

Update (11/30/05)
Plumbing, HVAC and electric rough-in installation is in process. Masonry wall construction has been completed. Studio casework has been delivered, and the dust collection system has been installed. All block fill and painting is beginning.

Update (10/31/05)
Plumbing, HVAC and electric rough-in work is in process. Masonry walls are being installed.
Update (9/30/05)
Mechanical rough-in work is in progress. Concrete has been poured for the new second floor, and final demolition is being completed. New masonry walls are also being installed.

Update (8/31/05)
Demolition of the existing space began in early August and was completed in three weeks. The structural steel, which is a critical path item for this project, is being installed. Once structural steel is installed, the general contractor will begin construction work.

Update (5/31/05)
Structural steel contractor bidding has begun with bids due May 31. The remaining construction documents are being reviewed by the building committee for the final time prior to the bidding of the general contractor package. Additionally, the moving and storage of existing equipment is being coordinated in preparation of the start construction.

Update (4/30/05)
Currently, the project is in the 50 percent construction documents phase. In this phase, the specifications for the project are generated to meet the requirements of the user groups. Plans are being developed to assist in the move of the current users to other locations. Additionally, final plans are being made for the storage of all materials in the space.
Update (3/31/05)
The design development phase of this project will be completed by the end of March, with the construction documents phase beginning in April.




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