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Update (12/31/05)
On Dec. 16, the building committee met to review the proposed conceptual plan. The project is now in the schematic design phase. A schematic design proposal is scheduled to be reviewed in early February.

Update (11/30/05)
The project team is reconciling the program and project budget. Schematic design is expected to begin in December.

Update (10/31/05)
Currently, the TE project is at the end of the program verification phase. Upon finalization of the building square footage, the project will proceed through schematic design.

Update (9/30/05)
Currently, programming requirements and space needs are being reviewed, along with the project budget. When program and budget reviews are completed, schematic design work will continue. The final schematic design is anticipated to be complete during fall 2005.

Update (8/31/05)
On March 31, 2005, the Technical Education Center project officially started with a kick-off meeting between the building committee and the architect, DeStefano + Partners. The program verification phase is now complete after a series of meetings with the stakeholder representatives. The schematic design phase for the project has been started and is projected to be completed during early fall 2005.

Update (3/31/05)

On March 17, the Board of Trustees awarded the contract for A/E Services to DeStefano + Partners for the design of the Technical Education Center. Program verification will begin by the end of March.

Update (2/28/05)
A/E qualification submissions were due on Feb. 11. A/E interviews occurred on Feb. 25 and 28. An A/E recommendation will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at the March Board meeting. Design of the Technical Education Center is planned to begin in late March.

Update (1/27/05)

The educational specifications and program statement have been completed. The architectural/engineering RFQ was issued on Jan. 20, 2005. Qualification statements from architect/engineering firms are due on Feb. 11, 2005. Selection of the architect/engineer is scheduled for Board approval on March 17, 2005.

Update (12/15/04)

The TE is currently in the planning and programming phase. A preliminary “draft” program statement was presented to the Board of Trustees on Nov. 10, 2004. The building committee and Facilities Planning and Construction staff will continue to finalize the program statement. Once the building program is finalized, the architect/engineer selection process will begin.



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