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Library Study Zones

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Connect with your Library and find your zone

We realize that students need different study environments at different times. To help accommodate this, the Library has established three study zones, which are outlined below. (The entire lower level of the Library is a collaborative zone.) So visit us, and find your zone!

And if you're looking for a place to do group work, you may be interested in Group Study Room.

For more information, stop by the Library Reference Desk, call us at (630) 942-3364, or connect with us online.


  • Active learning
  • Converse in normal tones
  • Short cell phone conversations permitted
  • Phone set to "vibrate" or "manners" mode

Quiet study

  • Occasional quiet discussion
  • No prolonged conversations
  • Cell phone usage not permitted

Silent study

  • Strictly for silent study
  • No conversations
  • No cell phones
Map showing Library study zones
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