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WHAT IS ECONOMICS? - from the American Economics Association

Library Catalogs

Look in the following catalogs for books, videos and other types of audiovisual items held in libraries.

Outline of the Library of Congress Classification System (what COD uses to shelve its books).

Other Nearby Public and Academic Libraries

List of Economics DVD's at the C.O.D. Library

List of Economics VHS tapes at the C.O.D. Library


Reference Works

Related C.O.D. Library Research Guides

Online Texts

Berkeley Law and Economics Working Papers.

Brookings Press Full-Text Books Online.

EconPapers Online (includes full-text books, chapters, and journal articles as well)

A Financial History of the United States.

Home Economics Archive from Cornell University Library. (Free online books and journal articles, from 1850 - 1950).

Library of Economics and Liberty. (Full-text classic books of economics online)

The National Academies Press.

Plan B 3.0, by Lester R. Brown.

The Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith

Article Indexes

You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.

Internet Sites

Foreign Economic Information Resources

Reference Books

Look up countries in the reference books listed here to read about recent economic conditions and trends, along with recent statistics.

Economies of the World. Reference HC 59.3 .E 27 2005.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Terminology: A Multilingual Directory.

Economic Freedom of the World. Reference HC 10 .E 3746. This item provides statistics and analysis of countries' economic situations.

Guide to the World's Major Emerging Economies . Reference HC 59.7 .B 87 2000.

Index of Economic Freedom. Reference HB 95 .I 48. For each country, there is a brief discussion of the country's tade policy, fiscal burden of government, property rights, government intervention in the economy, wages and prices, capital flows, and business regulations.


Finding Economic History Information about Other Countries


And be sure to look at the other Reference books listed on the Economics Research Guide above here.

Country Studies , from the U.S. Library of Congress. Select a country, then check the Table of Contents for the section on the nation's economy.

Encyclopaedia Britannica . Reference AE 5 .E 363. Look up the entry for the country, which should have an economic section. There are other big Encyclopedia sets there as well.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History . Reference HC 15 .O 94 2003.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy . Reference HF 1373 .P 75 2009.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life . Reference GN 333 .W 67 2009.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies . Reference HC 15 .W 675 2002.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations . Reference G 63 .W 67 2007. Look at the Economy section.



Countries and Regions , from the World Bank.

Country Background Notes , from the U.S. Department of State. Scroll down to click on the country name, then on the Country page, on the left click on ECONOMY to be taken to that section.

Europa Regional Surveys : For each country there is a section on recent economic events and statistics.

Africa South of the Sahara . Reference DT 351 .A 37.

Central and South Eastern Europe . Reference D 1058 .C 46.

Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia . Reference D 1058 .E 37.

The Far East and Australasia . Reference DS 1 .F 3.

The Middle East and North Africa . Reference DS 49 .M 5.

South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Reference F 1401 .S 68.

South Asia . Reference DS 334 .S 68.

Western Europe . Reference D 1050 .W 4.

World Economic Outlook , from the International Monetary Fund.

The World Factbook , U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Very basic facts and statistics.



Some countries were colonies for a long time, so there might not be much information about them very far back. There will be more information about many countries after the Second World War (post-1945), when many countries became independent from their colonial rulers, and more information about their economic conditions became available.

For BOOKS about individual countries or regions, in the Library Catalog do a keyword search here: http://cod.worldcat.org/advancedsearch

In the first search box, type in the name of the country or region, and in the second search box, type in: economic conditions or economic history or economy

ALSO, general history books about a country should also have a section about the economic history of a country.

For JOURNAL/MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER ARTICLES about individual countries, you can try these databases listed here: http://codlrc.org/databases/general

Academic One File, Academic Search Premier, Business Source Complete, History Study Center, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times

At the database search screens, you can click on the link for the ADVANCED SEARCH. At the next ADVANCED SEARCH screen, in the first search box, type in the name of the country or region, and in the second search box, type in: economic conditions or economic history or economy

Then be sure to scroll down below the search boxes and click on the FULL TEXT search limitation feature, so that you get back citations that have links to the full text of the articles.


For other general information , you can do a Google search using the search phrase, “economic history of country name “. You may not be able to use that particular web site or page, but maybe it will point you to other quality information sources.



International Marketing Data and Statistics . Reference HA 42 .I 56.

Foreign Statistical Agencies List

EUROSTAT. Statistics from the European Community.

Fedstats (Search engine to find statistics from U.S. government agencies; just type in the country's name in the search box).

GAPMINDER.org. This organization creates online charts and graphs for various socio-economic statistical topics.

GeoHive: Global Statistics.

International Historical Statistics . Reference HA 154 .M 51.

International Trade Statistics (W.T.O.) . Reference HF 1371 .I 584.

OECD Economic Outlook . Reference HC 10 .O 18.

OECD Employment Outlook . Reference HD 5701 .O 215.

Statistical Yearbook (U.N.) . Reference HA 12.5 .U 63.

Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific . Reference HA 1665 .S 73.

World Cost of Living Survey . Reference HD 6977 .W 67 1999.

World Economic and Social Survey . Reference HC 59 .A 169.


The sources below are indexes to where statistical data can be found:

Global Data Locator Reference HA 36 .K 87 1997

Statistics Sources Reference HA 154 .M 51.

To find regular books in the General Circulation Collection, CLICK HERE to do a KEYWORD search then in the first line change the drop down menu to SUBJECT, and in the search box type in ECONOMIC CONDITIONS, then on the second line change the drop down menu to SUBJECT, and in the search box type in the name of the country that you want to find books about.


Internet Sites

Asian Development Bank.

Atlas of Global Inequality. This site allows for the comparison of one country to another, with statistics for the period 1960 - 2000.

Central Eurasian Interactive Atlas. This also includes statistical data and other types of information.

Country information via Yahoo.com (Just select the name of the country from the list provided, and then select either "Business and Economics," or "Government").

Country Reports.org. A collection of cultural, historical, statistical, and geographic information about countries.

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Foreign Government Web Sites

Handbook of Latin American Studies. Citations-only database from the U.S. Library of Congress.

Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

International Economics Gateway from Alta Plana

International Monetary Fund (IMF).

NationMaster.com This site allows one to generate rankings and maps of nations.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Structural Adjustment - A Major Cause of Poverty. From GlobalIssues.org.

UC Atlas of Global Inequality. This site allows for the comparison of one country to another, with statistics for the period 1960 - 2000.

United Nations Economic and Social Development

United States Overseas Loans and Grants, a.k.a. "The Greenbook".

The Virtual Librarian Regional Studies. From here you can select a region and country.

The World Bank.


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Checklists & Worksheets

Interlibrary Loan

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