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Nursing Research Guide

PN and ADN Library Accreditation Reports
For an overview of Library resources and services available to students and faculty of the C.O.D. Nursing programs:

Microsoft Word file Library_ADN_Accreditation_2011.doc  (Help downloading)

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Library Catalogs

Use the catalogs below to locate print and audio-visual materials.

Reference Works (Print and Electronic)

Reference materials are well indexed, organized, concise, and highly credible. They provide overviews, definitions, specific information or addresses. Types of reference books include: directories, dictionaries and encyclopedias, basic health books (describing diseases and conditions), and drug resources. Since you cannot normally take these materials home, remember that you will have to photocopy, or write down the information that you need.

Click here** to view recommended books found in the C.O.D. reference collection.

**Clicking this link will take you to the Consumer Health Resource Guide's section on reference materials including full-text, online reference books

Click here to view nursing drug books found in the C.O.D. reference collection or Click here to view ALL pharmacology, drug and herbal supplement related reference materials

Online Drug & Pharmacy Information::

Click here for annotated links to Drug & Pharmacy Sites on the Internet

Micromedex Health Care Series  MICROMEDEX Healthcare Series provides full-text information supporting clinical care decisions including: drug monographs and evaluations, drug dosages and interactions, drug product identification, reproductive risks, toxicity management, alternative medicine/herbal preparations information, acute/emergency care guidelines, drug, disease and condition information for patients, laboratory test information, dosage calculators, nomograms, and references. You must obtain a username and password to use this resource from your home computer. Contact your instructor or call the Reference Desk at (630) 942-3364.

Click here for nursing resources found in the C.O.D. reference collection

Article Databases

Look for journal articles on your topic in C.O.D.'s article databases (online indexes that also contain some full text articles). You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.

C.O.D.'s Health Databases

Need help using the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) database?
Try out this great tutorial site from the University of Florida Health Sciences Libraries! It uses interactive Flash tutorials, guides and tip sheets to explain CINAHL's controlled subject headings, limits and boolean operators.

Interested in learning more about evidence-based nursing practice?
Take a look at the Evidence Based Practice Tutorial For Nurses from Penn State University Libraries

Internet Resources

Atlases, Dictionaries and Handbooks

Online Journals in Health Care and Nursing*

*Remember that you can search for FREE full text articles from hundreds of nursing journals as well as credible medical journals and magazines by using the C.O.D. Health databases (a valid C.O.D. Library card is necessary to search from non-C.O.D. computers)

Select Nursing and Heath Care Organizations

Useful Web Sites

Check out the NAHRS Nursing Resources Wiki from the Nursing and Allied Health Resource Section of the Medical Library Association for links to more E-books, E-journals, free nursing databases, nursing Web sites, writing resources and MORE!

For a list of multicultural Internet sites, click here

For a list of multilingual Internet sites, click here

Citing Sources with the APA Style Guidelines

Use these resources to properly document your research.

Health Science Courses often require APA citation style but you may be asked to use MLA style (clarify with your instructors what style is required for each research project).

C.O.D. Library's Citing Sources Page (APA and MLA examples for print and electronic resources as well as additional citation resources)

APA Style.org Remember that online sources, such as articles from databases and web sites, will require some extra steps in order to properly cite them!

APA Reference Style Guide – a comprehensive APA Guide from Northern Michigan University

A Word or Two About APA Citation handout

Microsoft Word file Citing from Micromedex or CareNotes.doc  (Help downloading)

Helpful Handouts

Studying for LPN or RN Pre-Entrance Exams?

Take advantage of the COD Library's Nursing Entrance Exam Resources (PDF Document)

Need assistance with Nursing Research (includes searching CINAHL)?

Try out my Tips to Successful Nursing Research Handout! (Word Document)

Need assistance finding cultural (including racial, ethnic, minority, and religious) diversity in health care resources?

Use the COD Library Cultural Diversity Resources Handout (PDF Document)

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions!
Debra J. Kakuk Smith
Associate Professor, Health Sciences Librarian
SRC 3149
(630) 942-4305

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