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Speech Language Pathology Resource Guide

Article Databases & Journals | Books, Audiovisuals & Materials | Internet Resources | Citing Sources

Article Databases & Journals

Look for journal articles on your topic in C.O.D.'s article databases (online indexes that also contain some full text articles). You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.

C.O.D.'s Health Databases and General Databases

Access the Micromedex Health Care Series database for extensive drug and pharmacology information as well as patient education materials located in the CareNotes module. You must obtain a username and password to use this resource from your home computer. Contact your instructor or call the Reference Desk at (630) 942-3364.

Tips to finding Speech Language Pathology Journals

To find print journals, do a subject search in the C.O.D. Library catalog for the phrase library periodicals speech pathology

To locate electronic Speech Language Pathology Journal articles, select the Databases link on the Library home page and select the Health link from the Subject list. Additional databases are located under the General subject list.

Try searching for your topics in Academic OneFile (located under General databases), CINAHL, Communication and Mass Media Complete, Science Direct and the other health-related databases. Remember that each database contains a different set of journals.

Examples of SLP journals available include:
Advances in Speech-language Pathology
American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology
Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
International Journal of Speech Language Pathology
Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology
Journal of Speech and Language Pathology, Applied Behavior Analysis
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research
Language and Speech
Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools
Topics in Language Disorders

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Books, Audiovisuals & Materials

Use the catalogs below to locate print and audio-visual materials.

Tips to locating Speech Language Pathology resources in the C.O.D. Library Catalog

Whether you are using the Library's catalog or searching within an article database or on the Internet for speech language pathology resources, try these useful terms:

General Keywords:
speech-language pathology; speech therapy; communication sciences and disorders; speech and language development; phonology; morphology; semantics; syntax; pragmatics; voice; fluency; swallowing; children; families; students; speech-language professionals; speech and language research

Or search for specific condition/disease/disorder or therapy/treatment:

Example Disorders:
stuttering, hearing loss, aphasia, childhood language delays, articulation delays, phonological delays, laryngectomy

Example Therapies:
language therapy, articulation therapy, phonological therapy, plastic surgery to repair cleft palate, alaryngeal speech rehabilitation, passy muir valves, hearing aids, foreign accent modification

In the C.O.D. Library catalog, try searching these subjects:

speech therapists, speech disorders (select from multiple subcategories), aphasia, articulation disorders, language acquisition, mutism, stuttering, voice disorders, speech therapy (select from multiple subcategories)

To find articles in MEDLINE/PubMED, use the MeSH database to find MeSH terms and build a search strategy

Need to use anatomy models? Click here for a list of models available in the C.O.D. Library

Reference Books

Reference materials are well indexed, organized, concise, and highly credible. They provide overviews, definitions, specific information or addresses. Types of reference books include: directories, dictionaries and encyclopedias, basic health books (describing diseases and conditions), and drug resources. Since you cannot normally take these materials home, remember that you will have to photocopy, or write down the information that you need. Click here** to view recommended reference books found in the C.O.D. reference collection.

**Clicking this link will take you to the Consumer Health Resource Guide's section on reference material

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Internet Resources

Below are some helpful Speech Language Pathology resources selected by College of Dupage Library's Health Science Librarian. The College of DuPage and the C.O.D. Library do not create or control any of these resources, and they will not be held responsible for misuse of information or any adverse effects of recommendations stated in these resources.

Interested in more useful health-related resources?

Check out the Consumer Health Resources Guide for information on:

  • Recommended Reference and General collection print materials suitable for academic assignments and consumer health needs
  • Links to health-related article databases and useful CINAHL tutorials
  • Links to pre-formulated searches in our Library catalog and step-by-step instructions w/ graphics
  • Even more annotated Internet sites arranged by categories
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about Health Information Literacy
  • Tips for evaluating online and print health resources
  • Annotated links to multicultural and multilingual resources

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Citing Sources with the APA Style Guidelines

Health Science Courses often require APA citation style but you may be asked to use MLA style (clarify with your instructors what style is required for each research project).

C.O.D. Library's Citing Sources Page contains APA and MLA examples for print and electronic resources as well as additional citation sites, parenthetical (in-text) citation information, and access to the NoodleBIB Bibliography Composer

Microsoft Word fileA Word Or Two About APA Citation.doc (Help downloading)


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