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Biology 1110 Research
Melanie Robinson

Marge Peters . (630) 942-2337 . petersm@cod.edu

1: FIND YOUR TOPIC: Your teacher has suggested some environmental topics; here are databases to explore others:
Issues and Controversies on File
CQ Researcher


Special help for other databases:

Academic OneFile : Checkmark "Peer-reviewed." Enter terms in find box and be sure to use Advanced Search if linking multiple terms in order to put "and" between separate concepts. Truncation sumbol is *.

ScienceDirect: We have subscribed to a subset of full-text journals from ScienceDirect. These are all peer-reviewed journals. Be sure to scroll down to Subscribed journals. Change radio button for Dates to "All years." The Basic Search allows two terms to be linked with AND. If you need to link more concepts, use the Advanced search. Singular form of word ordinarily searches all variations of it. Once in a while, if you click the PDF symbol to retrieve articles the database will give you a price to pay for access or ask for a login and password, you know that this is one of the journals we do not subscribe to. Order these articles on Interlibrary Loan

Click on COD Library Catalog (http://lrc.cod.edu) and choose Subject or Keyword to search for your topic.
Click Search.

4: CITING SOURCES: BioScience format

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