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Biology 1110 Research
Melanie Robinson

Marge Peters� . (630) 942-2337 . petersm@cod.edu

1:� FIND YOUR TOPIC: your teacher has suggested some environmental topics, here are databases to explore others:
Issues and Controversies on File
CQ Researcher


Special help for other databases:

Academic Search Premier : Checkmark "Peer-reviewed." Enter terms in find box. Put "and" between separate concepts, quotation marks around multi-word ideas and the truncation symbol (*) to get plurals and other terms based on the word stem: cancer* matches cancer, cancers, cancerous..

Ideal : We have subscribed to a subset of full-text journals from ScienceDirect called Ideal. To get the maximum number of hits, search the entire journal collection, even though you may need to arrange interlibrary loan.

Enter terms in singular form and most of the time the plurals will also be searched. If you want to be sure, enter an exclamation mark (!) as the truncation symbol after the word stem. Change radio button for Dates to "All years." The Basic Search allows two terms to be linked with AND. If you need to link more concepts, use the Advanced search.

If you click the PDF symbol when you retrieve articles and the database asks for a login and password, you know that this is one of the journals we do not subscribe to. Order these articles on Interlibrary Loan

Medline : Medline is known for providing access to the world of medical literature, but it covers a wide range of biological literature as well.

To easily link two or more concepts, choose the Advanced Search. Use the truncation asterisk (*) to get plurals and further terms based on a stem. Very few of the articles resulting will be available full-text, so order these on Interlibrary Loan.



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