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Controversial Issues in Science
Research in the Library

Marge Peters . (630) 942-2337 . petersm@cod.edu

1: FIND YOUR TOPIC : Use "Issues" Compilations from Research FAQs
Useful titles:
Issues and Controversies on File
CQ Researcher
Also these websites:
International Debate Education Association Pro/Con

Seven Biological Challenges

Click on COD Library Catalog (http://lrc.cod.edu) and choose Subject search for your topic.
Click Search.
Both books and audiovisual materials will be listed in the catalog. Be sure to note related topics.

Click on Databases from top bar of Library home page.
Click on Academic OneFile.

Type topic in Subject Guide Search box and search. Watch for titles with "Text", "PDF" and, if Abstract only, "Library holdings".
Can limit to only Full Text articles and Refereed Journals (research articles) .

Other useful databases:
Academic Search Premier
Scientific American Archives Online
Science Direct
(choose "Subscribed journals" and checkmark Review Article if looking for overview)
Science Online
Health Reference Center (medical topics)
Health Source Academic (medical topics)
National Newspapers Simultaneously searches the indexes of the Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post


Search engines, such as Google, bing, or ask.com match key words via software programs called "robots" or "spiders". See links from Library Home Page. For a better search, use quotation marks ("....") around phrases. Find better quality information by limiting to site:.gov or site:.edu to get government agency and university research information.

Yahoo is an example of a human-indexed directory of the internet, along with search engine features http://dir.yahoo.com
Look at lower left. Choose Science. Type in term and click button for "Just this category." or use Society> Environment and Nature

Citing sources: MLA & APA format

Search for Streaming Video

Go to Yahoo at http://video.yahoo.com. Enter term(s)you want presented in video. Be sure to watch the timing --some of these streaming videos are over one hour in length.
Go to Blinkx at http://www.blinkx.com and type in term(s) you wish to match. Click on the thumbnail of videos you wish to see. Sometimes ads precede the content if on an advertiser-sponsored channel (Fox and others).
Use Google's advanced video search: http://video.google.com/videoadvancedsearch Enter words or a phrase to search. Click the radio button for specific genres. Choose such types as Educational, Health and Fitness, Nature, News or Political.

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