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A Guide to International Business and Trade Resources

The following materials are useful for researching a wide variety of topics related to international business, the global marketplace, and foreign trade. Whether you are looking to do business in the international marketplace, planning a business or pleasure trip abroad, or doing research on an international topic, you will find many of these resources to be helpful. All materials described below are available at the College of DuPage Library.

General Overview

These titles will provide general background material for the person who is interested in international markets - definitions, sources of information and general overviews.


International associations and chambers of commerce are very useful sources of information when doing business outside of the U.S.

Export/Import Trade Assistance

These titles are very practical guides for export procedures, regulations and documentation.

Country Information

A country analysis is a crucial aspect of international business research. Many factors need to be considered including economic, political, and legal systems; the physical infrastructure; health and educational institutions; cultural aspects.

Company Information

Company research is essential to understanding the marketplace, assessing the competition, and locating wholesalers or distributors for your products.

Industry Information

Researching global industries, their structure and potential market is essential when designing an export plan.

Human Resources

Knowledge of employment laws, personnel matters and other organizational issues are essential when doing business outside of the U.S.

Culture and Customs / Doing Business / Marketing Guides

Successful communication and trade depends on knowledge of the attitudes, customs, etiquette, culture, practices, and standards in the countries in which business is conducted.


There are many different accounting standards and financial reporting practices throughout the world. Knowledge of the auditing and accounting principles for countries with which one is trading is imperative.

Statistical Information

Statistics are the basic indicators of a country's prospects and wellbeing. They are very useful for planning, marketing and predicting.


The Library subscribes to the following international journals and magazines in print:

Online Databases

You must have a valid College of DuPage library card to access the electronic indexes and databases from off-campus.

Internet Metasites

For information on the hundreds of individual Web sites that pertain to international topics, consult:

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