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Photography Subject Guide

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This guide is intended to help you find photography information in books, videos, software, and magazines in the C.O.D. Library. It also provides information for locating journal articles in Library databases and indexes as well as information from free Web sites.

C.O.D. Library Materials

Search Strategies
Journals in the Library

The Library has current copies of the following photography magazines and journals in the current periodicals section of the Library. Issues that are more than a year or two old can usually be found in the microfilm area of the Library.

For a complete list of Library photography periodicals including titles no longer in print, see:

Selected Reference Materials

The following reference materials can be found in the Library's Reference collection:

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You can use article databases to locate magazine and journal articles.

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Web Sites

You can use search engines to search for photography Web sites. Try searching for some of the subjects listed above that you used when searching the Library catalog. Also use specific keywords that describe your topic exactly. You can also use some of the Web sites listed below as starting points.

Photography Associations & Organizations
General Photography Reference Sites
Online Magazines & Journals
Hardware Manufacturers & Software Developers

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Citing Sources

For some assignments, you'll have to cite your sources following APA or MLA guidelines. The C.O.D. Library has provided a resource for helping you do this:

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Home > Research Guides > Photography Subject & Class Guides > Photography Subject Guide

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Updated: 15 December 2004

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