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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find an answer to your question, e-mail: or call (630) 942-2490.

COD Online Program
1. What kind of institution is College of DuPage (COD)?
2. What are the advantages of choosing an online course?
3. Is there an additional application process required to enroll in online classes?
4. Who administers the COD Online program?
5. I'd like to take an online class at COD, but how do I know if it will transfer to my college/university?
6. Who are the online instructors?
7. Do online classes offer the same credits as classroom classes?
8. How do online courses work?
9. Do online classes have specific due dates?
10. How do I find out what classes are offered online?
11. What certificates and degrees can be earned online?
12. How can I find information about a particular course?

Learner Readiness and Success
13. How can I complete an online course?
14. How much computer and Internet experience do I need?
15. How can I be sure my computer is suitable for online learning at COD?
16. Do I need special hardware and software for my online course?
17. I don’t have a computer at home. Can I still take an online course?
18. Do I have to come to campus regularly for an online course?
19. Do I need to come to campus for labs in online science courses?
20. Do I have to be at the computer at specific times?

21. How do I register and pay tuition and fees?
22. What are the registration dates?
23. How do I register if I’ve never taken a course at the college?
24. I'm a returning COD student, but I have never used myACCESS. What should I do?
25. Why won't myACCESS allow me to register for my class?
26. How can I find out if a course I am interested in is full?
27. Why is there an enrollment limit on Internet classes?
28. How can I register for a class that is full?
29. How can I register for an online course if the class has already started?
30. What can I do when my registration is denied due to “Prerequisite not met”?
31. Can a high school student take an online course?
32. I will be out of the country during the semester. Can I take an online class?

After Enrollment: Course Access and Blackboard
33. What should I expect after I enroll?
34. How do I find out what textbooks or materials I need for my online class?
35. How do I purchase the textbook?
36. Where can I access my online course?
37. How do I log in to my course?
38. What if I experience technical problems?
39. Where do I go if I’m having trouble logging into Blackboard?
40. Why don’t I see my course in my Blackboard account?
41. I’m having trouble in the course site. What should I do?

Course Specifics
42. When does an online course begin and finish?
43. What if I am unable to complete the course by the end of the term?
44. What if I need to withdraw from the course?
45. Where do I find an instructor's contact information?
46. Do I have to be at the computer at specific times?
47. Can I get an extension on completing the course if I start late?
48. Is it possible to finish my course early?

49. Does the college require any placement testing before I enroll?
50. How do I take my tests?
51. My course does not require campus visits for testing. What would online tests be like?
52. If I can’t come to campus for testing, can I arrange remote testing?
53. I accidentally hit the Submit button before finishing my exam. Can I retake it?
54. I can’t access the test for my online class and it’s due today! What should I do?

55. Who do I go to for help with coursework during an online class?
56. How can I find the name of the instructor for a current online course?
57. I can’t reach my instructor. What should I do?
58. How does the instructor communicate with me?

Other Student Academic Support
59. Can I connect with a counselor or adviser online?
60. What library services and resources are available to me?
61. Are tutoring services available to online students?
62. Where do I find student support contact information?
63. How can I learn more about student and academic support services?

COD Online contact

Call (630) 942-2490

For advising
Counseling and Advising
Call (630) 942-2259

For technical support
Computing Labs
Call (630) 942-2999

To purchase texts
COD Bookstore
Call (630) 942-2360

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