Resources for Prospective Accounting Students


  • David Kalet

    David KaletAccounting

    "The CPA certification is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for accounting proficiency. The COD faculty will help you learn all the skills you need to pass the CPA exam."

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  • Hannika Schleebs

    Hannika SchleebsAccounting

    “I am so grateful for people like Accounting Professor Maureen McBeth and all the teachers I’ve had so far at COD for helping me get on the right track.”

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  • Celia Zarate

    Celia ZarateAccounting

    "Even when there are people who tell you that it is impossible, there are more people believing, helping and telling you ‘You can do it!’ I am forever grateful to College of DuPage.”

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  • Marion Brisport

    Marion BrisportAccounting

    "Accounting is not just about numbers, and I’ve always liked that. I even enjoy the homework, so I know I can make a career out of it! College of DuPage really helped me toward accomplishing this goal."

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  • Gracie Ortuoste

    Gracie OrtuosteAccounting

    "I really like how you use accounting in relation to money and how it runs a business," Gracie Ortuoste said. "Every business revolves around money, and handling that part of a business is very powerful."

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  • Kathleen Ekeberg

    Kathleen EkebergAccounting

    "COD’s Accounting program is taught by CPAs with real-world experience. You get a university-quality education for a very affordable tuition."

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  • Ryan Hanrahan

    Ryan HanrahanAccounting

    "I decided to come to COD to save a bunch of money by getting my gen eds out of the way even though I got into all of the schools I applied to," Ryan Hanrahan said. "This will help me achieve my main goal of being 100 percent debt-free while I'm in college."

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