Resources for Prospective Accounting Students


  • Christopher Metcalfe

    Christopher MetcalfeAccounting

    "COD has helped me reach my goals by providing me with a strong concept base that I can use in everyday life and in future classes that I take," Christopher Metcalfe said. "I have met some great people here at COD who I feel will be great connections to have later in life."

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  • Gracie Ortuoste

    Gracie OrtuosteAccounting

    "I really like how you use accounting in relation to money and how it runs a business," Gracie Ortuoste said. "Every business revolves around money, and handling that part of a business is very powerful."

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  • Dana Richards

    Dana RichardsAccounting

    Dana Richards is excited about seeing her business grow and is thrilled that she has learned so much at College of DuPage.

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  • Ryan Hanrahan

    Ryan HanrahanAccounting

    "I decided to come to COD to save a bunch of money by getting my gen eds out of the way even though I got into all of the schools I applied to," Ryan Hanrahan said. "This will help me achieve my main goal of being 100 percent debt-free while I'm in college."

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