Food at Pohansko (Board)

FoodFood is prepared fresh daily at Pohansko. Dr. Machaček, the site director, has engaged the services of a cook who prepares traditional, home-cooked Czech food 3 meals per days, 5 days during the week. Some weekend meals may also be furnished though students typically travel widely and may not be present on-site for most of the weekend. Since food is prepared on site students and staff typically walk back to the facility center for a warm lunch and to take care of any necessary business.

Czech food is typically high protein, high carbohydrate, and high fiber. Sausage, meats (especially pork and chicken), and breads dominate the diet and are usually supplemented with sauces as well as raw, fresh vegetables. Students with special dietary needs, including vegetarians, can usually be accommodated with advance notice, though the range of food available may be somewhat limited. Vegans, in particular, may have a difficult time finding sufficiently diverse foodstuffs to form a complete diet and may wish to consider supplementing their caloric intake with vitamins. People with gluten intolerance can also be accommodated with advanced notice.

Students may also wish to acquire a cooler or similar device while in the Czech Republic in which to store personal food and beverages. This is both a matter of space (not everyone's material will fit in the main refrigerators, and not every trailer has a refrigerator) and convenience (as the coolers can be put directly into or adjacent to the trailers for easy access near sleeping and recreation areas).

Please note that the Czechs are the largest per capita consumers of alcohol in the world and that alcohol use is an integrated, and low-key part of Czech culture. Czech beers are famous throughout the world for their quality. Likewise, Moravian wines are famous in Europe and of an exceptionally high quality. It is not unusual for beer or wine to be consumed by Czechs at lunch or during various social activities throughout the day. Please note, however, that the drinking age is 18 and will be enforced. However, our Czech colleagues will NOT drink alcohol at lunch during the work week. Students, faculty and staff on the Czech American Archaeological Field School will also not drink alcohol at lunch during the work week and will not drink during the work day. Alcohol consumption can interfere with work and could cause health risks due to dehydration on work days. Finally, the field school and its staff CANNOT and WILL NOT provide students with any alcohol at any point because of liability issues. Hence, although responsible alcohol use is allowed on site, students who wish to sample the fine Czech beers and outstanding Moravian wines must do so on their personal time and will need to acquire and curate any alcohol on their own.

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