Rooms at Pohansko

RoomHousing at Pohansko centers on 7 temporary housing trailers and the main facility center at the site. Students (both Czech and American) sleep in these clean (well, it depends on the occupants), waterproof, though somewhat small, trailers in bunk beds. Six students share each trailer, which is equipped with windows, a desk and a small armoire. Most trailers also have a small refrigerator. These trailers are about the size of a standard college dormitory room. If desired,  it is possible for students who are avid campers to pitch tents in place of living in the trailers, although this needs to be approved on a case by case basis.

Room and BoardMost student time, however, is spent either excavating or in the main facility center at the site (or around a campfire, or in Břeclav, or off exploring). Bathrooms with basic shower facilities are located in the main facility center, as is the camp kitchen, dining room, and artifact laboratories. While the amenities are not hotel quality, you do have a bed, a roof over your head, and places to sit, work, and relax. Likewise, you also have indoor plumbing and warm showers. It certainly isn't the Ritz-Carlton, but it is an overall pleasant situation.


The trailers, parked in the shade to the side of the man facility center.

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