Business/Management/Marketing Program

Learn the skills to start or advance your career in the world of business. Career opportunities are as abundant as there are businesses, and you can apply business, management and marketing knowledge within an industry you are passionate about.

Pursue a Management, Marketing or Business Transfer degree, or earn a certificate in such areas as e-commerce and entrepreneurship. Agreements with several baccalaureate-granting institutions provide seamless transfer opportunities.

Whatever your goals, let College of DuPage help you reach them!

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Contact Information

Bev Carlson, Program Support Specialist
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1526, (630) 942-2140

Donna Charboneau, Program Advisor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1812, (630) 942-2079

Business and Technology Division
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1034, (630) 942-2592


  • Brenda Kramer

    Brenda KramerBusiness

    “At home, I am a wife and a mother to a 14-year old son. I have enjoyed this ride over the past 12 months and look forward to learning about many more things as I pursue my degree. A business degree has always been my goal. A business degree gives me many options in not only my current industry but others as well.”

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  • Jacqueline Camacho-Ruise

    Jacqueline Camacho-RuizBusiness

    “I had heard wonderful things about the school and I loved the flexibility of classes. The support system with the instructors was incredible. I would highly recommend the Business/Management/Marketing program for its practicality and applicability to the real world."

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  • Tim Mazur

    Tim MazurBusiness

    “By continuing to take more business classes at College of DuPage, I was reassured that this field of study was right for me. COD also gave me the ability to learn about vast options and provided me with numerous opportunities to advance in the field of business.”

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  • Chris Dearnley

    Chris DearnleyBusiness

    "College of DuPage is helping me reach my associate's degree in Business. I have met a lot of excellent teachers and I am very grateful for the staff here at COD."

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  • Bert Novak

    Bert NovakBusiness

    "It was very important for me to work outside of the classes and join in extracurricular activities to meet other people who were highly motivated like me and who inspired me further.”

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  • Amy Elliott

    Amy ElliottBusiness

    "There are many non-traditional ways to take classes, and COD will certainly have an option that fits your needs, no matter if you are a traditional or adult student."

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  • Saif Sarvana

    Saif SarvanaBusiness

    "Take advantage of what COD has to offer. Get acquainted with your professors. You can benefit from their insight and build professional relationships which will help you in your search for a career."

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  • Jared Gorski

    Jared GorskiBusiness

    "COD has prepared me for the business world by humbling me and teaching me diligence, as well as connecting me with peers and professors who are both encouraging influences and challenging thinkers."

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  • Tara Cachur Molnar

    Tara Cachur MolnarBusiness

    "I don't think I would have achieved what I did without College of DuPage. I know others who went to a community college and I don't think they got the same excellent experience I did."

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  • Ryan Hanrahan

    Ryan HanrahanBusiness

    "As a business finance major, I'm taking many business-oriented classes here. The teachers have been great, and if I took the same classes at a four-year school, they would be 10 times more expensive."

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