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Criminal Justice

Over the past few decades, careers in all areas of criminal justice (law enforcement, courts, corrections, security) have undergone increasing professionalization. With that change has come a trend for increasing educational requirements, both for entry-level positions and promotional opportunities. It was out of this increasing need for higher education that the College of DuPage Criminal Justice program was created more than 25 years ago.

Since then, students who take criminal justice classes do so for a variety of reasons. Many (if not most) are taking the courses as part of a degree or certificate program, with intentions of pursuing or advancing in a career in criminal justice. Others take selected classes as part of a program in a related field. Some take individual courses to learn more about the criminal justice system and constitutional rights.

Those pursuing a program in Criminal Justice have four basic choices: the Associate in Applied Science (occupational) degree, the Associate in Arts (transfer) degree, the Certificate in Criminal Justice, and the Homeland Security Certificate.


Gainful Employment Information

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Contact Information

Theodore Darden, Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1016, (630) 942-2989

Deanna Davisson, Assistant Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1027, (630) 942-2995

Tauya Johnson, Assistant Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1028, (630) 942-3019

Eric R. Thompson, Associate Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1029, (630) 942-3360

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616, (630) 942-2010

A State-of-the-Art Resource


New Homeland Security Education Center

The new Homeland Security Education Center is a testament to COD's commitment to providing student's access to the latest tools and facilities.

Criminal Justice and Fire Science Technology Programs


Career training for criminal justice, police and fire science students

The Homeland Education Center (HEC) at College of DuPage provides career training for criminal justice, police and fire science students in all disciplines required for a successful career in these growing professions. The high tech HEC building includes a full immersion street scene that allows students to participate in realistic action scenarios. The center also houses a multi-station forensics lab to train students to examine evidence in controlled environments.

3+1 Program

COD and Lewis University 3+1 Degree Program in Criminal / Social Justice