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Career Information

Employment notices for criminal justice-related positions are posted on a bulletin board outside of BIC 3039. These notices usually include opportunities in security and law enforcement, including examination notices for police officer positions and cooperative education opportunities. This Bulletin Board is accessible during any hours in which the College is open to the public. Also check with Career Services in SRC 1490 for job opportunities. 

Internship information 

Gainful Employment Information

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Contact Information

Theodore Darden, Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1016, (630) 942-2989

Deanna Davisson, Assistant Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1027, (630) 942-2995

Tauya Johnson, Assistant Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1028, (630) 942-3019

Eric R. Thompson, Associate Professor
Homeland Security Education Center (HEC), Room 1029, (630) 942-3360

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616, (630) 942-2010


  • Melissa Metzger

    Melissa MetzgerCriminal Justice

    “This is a great school with many, many resources. Take advantage of all of them and get to know the students and the staff."

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  • Joshua Schweitzer

    Joshua SchweitzerCriminal Justice

    "College of DuPage has helped me toward my goals by providing excellent teachers, engaging courses, structure and meaningful assistance."

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  • Veronica Donohue

    Veronica DonohueCriminal Justice

    "I would promise any student that they would not only receive the best education from College of DuPage, but they would also have fun doing so."

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