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Travel and tourism is currently a $580 billion industry in the U.S. alone. As well as serving as a catalyst for peace, communication and commerce throughout the world, this industry helps to build an appreciation for individual cultures and traditions.

The job outlook for Event Planners is outstanding. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, employment of Event Planners will increase by 20 percent during the 2006-2016 decade, a rate faster than the national average. As technology allows people to communicate more easily worldwide, Event Planners are needed to see that in-person meetings go as planned. In May 2006, the median annual income of Event Planners was $42,180.

Over the next several years, thousands of new executives will be needed in this industry (according to the Travel Industry Association of America). Following is a sample of some of the exciting careers available.

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  • Airline Reservation Agent
    Makes reservations for passengers, operates a computer reservation system and keeps appropriate records. 
  • Flight Attendant
    Assures the safety and comfort of passengers during a flight. 
  • Ramp Agent
    Loads and unloads cargo and baggage, making certain that it gets to its destination. 
  • Sales Representative
    Promotes and sells to the public an airline's various passenger and cargo services. 
  • Ticket Agent 
    Sells tickets to airline passengers at airport and city ticket offices.

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  • Meeting and Convention Planner
    Arranges all travel and accommodations for special events, meetings and conventions. 

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Cruise Lines

  • Cruise Assistant
    Assists cruise director, working "16-hour days" to plan entertainment, activities and ship social life. 
  • Cruise Director
    Supervises assistants and social directors and is responsible for all phases of a cruise except food, transportation and accommodations.
  •  Support Staff
    Works in gift shop, housekeeping, maintenance, day care or food service. 

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Travel Agency

  • Corporate Travel Manager
    Manages the travel arrangements within a company. 
  • Outside Sales Agent/Independent Contractor
    Schedules passenger travel, both corporate and vacation, yet does not work set days and is paid commission only. 
  • Travel Agent
    Schedules passenger travel, both corporate and vacation, and provides special services as needed. 

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  • Reservation Agent
    Makes reservations for tours, answers questions regarding product, and makes recommendations. 
  • Tour Escort
    Accompanies travelers on escorted tours while handling all the details to assure a pleasant and hassle-free vacation. 

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