College of DuPage offers an Associate Degree in Sonography and certificate programs in Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography (DMIS) and Diagnostic Medical Imaging Vascular Sonography (DMIV).

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Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Radiography Programs at COD


Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Radiography Programs

COD trains students to meet the demands for skilled medical imaging technicians with a comprehensive Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Radiography curriculum. DMIR at College of DuPage includes Radiography, Sonography, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy.

Pathophysiology Panorama Video


10th Annual Pathophysiology Panorama

More than 70 students from the COD Diagnostic Medical Imaging programs in Radiography, Nuclear Medicine and Sonography will display posters and other media featuring a variety of diseases and pathologies that have been detected using various imaging modalities.


  • Melissa McKirdie

    Melissa McKirdieSonography

    "Since every student learns differently, it’s a pleasant challenge to determine 'how' each student needs to be instructed to be successful. During that quest, I enjoy developing new ways to facilitate understanding of various concepts, one of which is to make organs out of clay and then slice them to demonstrate the scan planes, and orientation of what is displayed on the machine's monitor."

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  • Crystal Wieworka

    Crystal WieworkaSonography

    "College of DuPage has given me a tremendous sense of pride and strength in myself, and the staff and professors have helped me reach my true potential. For that I cannot thank them enough."

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  • Ashley Hufstedler

    Ashley HufstedlerSonography

    "COD helped by being located close to home, so I was able to continue working and attend school," Ashley Hufstedler said. "Personally, it was affordable and I didn't have to take out student loans. It helped me grow into a professional health care worker while being in a realistic environment."

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