English Technical Communication


In the rapidly changing Information Age, there is a crucial need to communicate technical information to a variety of audiences. The certificate program in English Technical Communication addresses this need and offers students the opportunity to use their technical skills to work in a variety of fields. These fields include such areas as business, industry, government, health care and technology, where specialized or technical information and concepts must be communicated to a variety of readers.

While technical communicators may require no formalized degree, many organizations now seek individuals with some type of credential. This certificate program prepares a person for entry-level positions or enhances a person's career options if already employed in a technical field.

This program meets the needs of both untrained individuals who would like to begin a career in technical communication and working professionals who have a technical background but want to broaden their communication skills in order to make a career change to technical communication.

Students learn to understand and analyze audiences for technical writing; translate, edit and write technical information for a variety of audiences; organize, develop and write a variety of technical forms (procedures, reports, proposals, manuals, and so forth); design and construct documents; and develop graphics and integrate them into text.

Students who pursue the certificate may want to specialize in technical fields such as advertising, data processing, engineering, manufacturing, software development, and health information.

An especially noteworthy feature of this program is that students will be able to utilize whatever prior work or educational experience they have and choose from an extensive list of electives in an effort to enhance their technical background and improve their job prospects.


Technical communicators can be employed in the following ways:
Advertising Copywriter
Corporate Communicator
Online Documentation Specialist
Promotional Writer
Technical Editor
Technical Writer
Web Page Developer
Web Page Designer


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  • English Technical Communication

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